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Hi! I am a Chronic!

I make my living as a texture artist, but I love doodling in my spare time too. My personal and professional work can be found elsewhere online and in games, but I prefer to keep them separate from anything produced under this alias.

I like vidja games, animals, food, traveling, and good movies.

I am a homebody, a joker, overly shy, slightly inappropriate, and maybe a little crazy, but generally happy person. If you have a question regarding how I work, feel free to ask!

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on 4 January 2013 at 19:19:41 MST

Hiya! Anyone interested in a trade? I have a couple days off work, and I'm sick. I would love to spend some of this downtime on something more productive than vegging out in front of the television. I can only take one for the moment, but depending on how motivated I'm feeling and how quickly I get through it, I may take more later. For now, first come first served seems like the fairest option. Depending on what you want to draw, I have several characters you can choose from (I even have a couple human characters, if that's your thing). As far as level of completeness goes, I'm happy to go as far as 2 character, full body, full color, and shaded with a simple background (if you wanna do a couples trade), as simple as a sketch bust/headshot trade, or anywhere in between. Up to you! SFW only, please. Comment here if you're interested and I'll private message you to discuss details :) Thanks!

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    Did you make your own icon? I'd love to get something like it~

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    DOPE sick icon!

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    I love your icon! It's so awesome! Might I ask who made it? c:

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    Thanks for watching me! :D Much appreciated! <3

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    Must follow you on here too, dude, your work is one of my favs out there <3

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    Thanks a lot!

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    My half is up! <3