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I'm just your average underrated artist, a pretty chill dude, a bit anti-social.

My work consist of clean art, and maybe tasteful nudity here and there.

I prefer using mouse over tablet. I want to inspire other artists.

I use SAI strictly for linework.

Photoshop CS5.1 for colouring, shading, etc...

Thanks to those who followed me and favourite my work.

I do appreciate it.



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on 6 January 2013 at 00:07:02 MST

I am new to Weasyl (a big thank you to Clove for getting me in.) you might have heard of me.. or maybe not, I was on hiatus at one point for 1-2 years, during those years I RARELY drew anything, I got back into drawing again 2 years ago. I used to be known as Marugo on Deviantart, now I'm known as gulliblefool, you could call me Hito, Mutt, or Chris, most people just call me Hito. I'm a pretty chill dude, so don't be scurred to talk to me or something.

I don't stream 'cause I usually take 8+ hours to complete an art (depends though, if it's flat coloured then it takes 4+ hours). I blame myself for being stubborn and not learning the tablet and just sticking with your average computer mouse. I will hopefully get my commission prices done so I could start taking commissions. I am currently trying to improve my art more, I hope you will stay and watch me progress.

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$ 15.00
$ 5.00


$ 15.00
$ 25.00
$ 10.00


Linework (by itself)
$ 10.00


Additional Characters
$ 10.00


$ 10.00
Full Body
$ 20.00
Waist Up
$ 15.00

Things I will do:


Things I won't do:

Porn, Scat, Cub, Oversized Muscles, Mecha, Fetishes

I accept Paypal Only, send as Services, not Goods.

I will accept payment after approval of completed sketch.

Once completed, I will give you the higher resolution version of the completed work.


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    You're quite welcome :3

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    Hey it's you lol

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    Thanks for following :D!

    I really dig your art style.

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      No problem! and thank you for following back.

      You have quite an interesting style as well.

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    You are is amazing!

    But get out of my closet, that's where my all my tools are!

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      Why thank you, thank you for the follow as well