Heyo~ Name’s Jess. Or Rawr. Which ever you prefer. I’m a 22 year old confused crazy person who happens to be a girl, and lives with the love of her life and her chill-as-fuck cat. I consider myself an ass hole, straight up, but in the most affectionate of ways. I enjoy crude humor, and I enjoy the kinds of jokes that piss most people off. (That being said, if you’re the type who feels the need to get angry for those who are the punch line, then gfto. We won’t get along.) I am strongly opinionated and I speak passionately about what I believe in and how I feel. On that note, idk, I don’t want to say “I’m a nice person” - because that really depends on who you’re talking to and what the situation is, but let’s just say I’m definitely not a bad person. I have enemies just like everyone else. I love just like anyone else. And I want people to like me for who I am, just like. . . hah well, your average person I guess. I promise you I am not fake, I am a very honest person (brutally so. I piss a lot of people off with this), and I stay true to my word.

Got any questions? Feel free to ask. =3

Fun facts:

  • I like furry stuff. -

    (Starting to be unsure about if I can really call myself a furry or not anymore, but whatev’s. I still draw anthros ‘n’ shit.)

  • I am self diagnosed dyslexic. -

    (No seriously I am. It’s so fucking annoying and it’s a pain in the ass when you’re trying to take notes in class.)

  • I hold grudges, but I am quick to forgive if apologized to. -

    (This does not mean you have earned my trust back. It just means I’ll stop calling you a faggot behind your back.)

  • I use offensive language, often! -

    (No, this does not mean I am racist, homophobic, or sexist. It means I use offensive words to piss anyone off. If you can’t understand that, this is another cue for you to gtfo. =D)

  • I like plants. -

    (No, really. My major is in Horticulture.)

  • I hate the general public. -

    (I would actually be kind of okay if there was a new plague to help cut down the population of humanity.)

  • I am sad a lot. -

    (I may seem cocky and uppity, but really I’m just another pussy ass loser on the internet.)

  • I’m very open about my sex life. -

    (As long as you’re not trying to get off on our conversation, I’m okay with questions and advice. Really. Idgaf.)

  • If we have some way of contacting one another, but you never contact me first, then we are not friends. -

    (Too many times have I had to deal with people I worry and/or cared about that did not put in any effort what so ever into our friend ship. I'm very strict about this - if you do not even try, then you're an acquaintance at most. And if I can never even get a response from you, then just forget it. You are not worth the time, effort, or my energy.)

  • I love my friends. -

    (If I consider you a friend, then you should feel very special. I don't use the term very lightly and I don’t throw that word around. Just because we talk a lot, unless I tell you specifically or say something about it, we’re nothing more than acquaintances. Don’t get butt hurt about this. I’m just very serious about who I call my friend. Being an acquaintance is still a good thing. It’s still better than being just some person I know. =3)

  • More will be added when I come up with it! -


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A world here we can live in peace and harmony

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I aim to spread the word about this project in hope that it may someday in the near future become a reality.

If you have any questions, please check out their FAQ, as it has probably already been answered. Every question that came up in my mind was answered

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