Absolutely Helpless by IsaidRAWR

Absolutely Helpless


4 November 2012 at 16:45:15 MST

And to my horror, there was nothing I could do as I watched it destroy everything. I watched as it consumed every last thing - objects and people alike. I remember watching it consume those I cared about - hearing their screams and wishing I could help. No one could. It was unstoppable. With nothing to stop it, there was no one left. And so, with terror welling inside as I thought about my fate, I sat and waited for the darkness to finally consume myself as well.

Some of you know that things are often tough for me. I have some serious problems of which most people would get over quite easily, but I simply can not. These problems hinder me from doing every-day things in life. That being said, when those I love are suffering and there's nothing I can do about it, then well. . . This is basically how I feel. It feels like the world is falling apart and you're absolutely helpless - you can't do a god damn thing to help them.

I originally figured I'd have a destroyed city being overlooked by her, but. . . Aside from me simply not being able to pull it off - I don't care for cities. So I didn't feel my heart would truly be in that. Then I figured "Oh, how about a flood?" Oh but wait, it'd still be in a city. Then I figured "How about some plains completely burned down?" Well, I was able to pull that off, but it just didn't look like it got my feels across. =/ I mean, the fire honestly looked great and all - but to me it was just too bright and didn't have enough "hurt". (Emo, I know. But bear with me.)

Then the idea of darkness consuming everything came to mind. You see, I'm afraid of the dark. It's silly, but in the dark sometimes, I get that "fight or flight" feeling, and feel as if there's something there. It's not just "Oh, I'm seeing things". No, I actually feel like there's something there. So consider this to be an H.P. Lovecraft Croatoan situation - darkness is taking over, you hear screams of pain and terror as everyone and everything around you is consumed by darkness. And there we have how this came about. Granted, you could say there's not a whole lot of work put into this, but I surprised myself with how those eyes lit the small area around them. Lame, I know. Take out of this what you will. I drew this for myself anyways, so I don't care if no one else likes it. I love it though. <3 And I feel much, much better.

This image is important to me, so please do not alter it in any way.