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I'm a talentless hack artist. Been at this game a while and I still can't seem to stick to a regular production schedule. I'm desperately trying to, but every time I think I can sit down and just work, something in RL snags me away, because apparently things can't run smoothly without me sometimes. Responsibility is a bitch like that.

I do comic books, traditional and digital art, and I do 3D modelling in Blender for stuff in Second Life, where I am known under the same name.

Don't expect me to be overly open about my life. Since a lot of what I will be posting here will be adult artwork, I don't want that affecting my professional life... because it has a way of messing things up if you want to get more serious work if people open your gallery and see tonnes of porn and pinups in it. This is my account to post spoo and poon and ONLY spoo and poon in.

Just about the only things I have to say about myself are that I'm married, Canadian, love martial arts, corny movies, nostalgia and while I don't know why, League of Legends. I <3 Soraka. Sona can bite my ass, that little support whore. Everyone uses that bitch. I stick with the unloved, underplayed champs cause I've never been one to hang with the popular kids.

Also, due to me being a GLORIOUS dumbass, I fried the audio ports of my computer, and have to use crappy USB speakers with little audio control, so no, I can't skype, talk on voice in SL, etc... so when I livestream, it'll be text only, sorry. Also, no webcam... so sorry, you're not going to see my fat ass flailing at my old, beat up tablet attempting to scratch two lines together to make recognizable shapes or hear my mumbling strangled parrot stuck in a tuba voice. Actually, I'm NOT sorry, you should be thanking ME that I'm not subjecting you to that crap.

I livestream almost daily in the morning, afternoon, and night for about 2 hours at a time. Come on by and hang out with me at

I'll either have a show or music on as side stream entertainment while I work. I usually listen to video game music. Yes, I'm that nerdy. You have been warned.


Extreme gore
Drug use
Vore (hard or soft)
Non-anthro sex (or sexualized 'feral' art.)

The following subject matter must be cleared with me first, as it skirts my comfort zone:
Lolita/major size difference pairings that could be confused with cub art.
Giant penises/breasts that pin a character to the ground.
Taurs--I will not draw taurs in a sexualized way, just as I won't do ferals. I will only illustrate them without their genitals.
Anthro characters with human/mostly human characters (Mostly because I do detailed, realistic humans, but my furries are much less realistic, creating a bizarre style clash, and otherwise, I'd have to do the human characters in manga style, which I can do, but hate).

Extra notes:
Only if it is EXTREMELY--I MEAN EXTREMELY--important to you will I illustrate anthros with animal genitals. It is simply my style to show anthros with human genitals. Period. I draw anthros with human legs, stylized feet, and regular hands with claws or slight animal features, but for the most part, I illustrate anthros as being 80% human, 20% animal.

If you want me to work for you, you understand and enjoy my work and want me to use the style I've developed and apply that to your vision. I will not change my style to please clients; if you want something done like Strype or Kadath would do, commission them instead, do not try to convince me to be someone else other than myself.

Latest Journal

Pet Project page 12 is now funded!

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported me so far! It's a fantastic start, 2 pages fully funded now. I won't make this post too long because I'm gonna wanna get back to work. Just a reminder to you folks, you can watch me work almost every day over at . I stream roughly 8 hours a day, so you can see that I'm putting your money to good use, not scratching my butt and dicking about. All the money goes to supporting my -work-, and certainly not a lazy lifestyle.

Also another little reminder to, if you donate, please let me know your user name so I can thank you publicly if you don't want your real name used!

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    You still here? I miss your art! : )

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    thank you very much for following my art!

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    Can I get a request slot from u ?

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    You may not know where the body is, but I do.

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    I can assure you, you're definitely not disappointing so far~

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    You don't suck D:

    In fact, I'd die to get a request slot for you ;3; <3