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Loved and cared for by Pegalis ( )
He passed away 8/30/22 - He had just proposed to me two weeks earlier.

You are stronger than you thank you are.
You are loved.
You are not alone.



If you are able to donate, please consider:

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In memorandum:

Rattnip - He was my friend, my Sir, my mentor. He helped me through so many horrible times in my life, and had the patience and heart to hold me even when it hurt him.

James Hardiman - You gave me inspiration and set the standard.


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Latest Journal

My fiance passed away. I am hanging on and with friends.

On August 30th, 2022 my best friend and love of my life, Pegalis passed away.

He was found dead of an accidental drug overdose of meth and alcohol. I am gutted and in shock.
That is not him. It makes no sense at all, but he kept a secret life from me it turns out.

Our home and car was only in his name, and we were not yet married so I have no claim to anything.
I worked for him so I am also without a job.

I am hanging on. Friends are with me 24/7 and giving me a place to stay.

Please send hugs.

If you are able to donate, my PayPal is

My friend is also running an auction on Twitter to help raise funds.
It is for a puppy play hood.
Please retweet and share.
It ends 9/09 at 3:50 PM Pacific Time

The outpouring of love and support has been overwhelming.
Thank you with all that I am.

I promise I will not do anything to put myself in harm.
I will not stop drawing as I know he did not mean to do this to us and would want me to keep on creating.
I will just need a lot of time to find my footing.

I know I could just give up and pull away from everyone, or I can take steps forward,
know that I am stronger that I think I am,
and keep his memory alive.

Please take good and loving care of yourselves.

With all that I am, thank you.



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    Thanks for following!

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    It was awesome getting to watch your stream tonight! :D I was too shy to say anythin' though. .////. Are you going to be streaming more? :o

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      Oh my goodness thank you for showing up! =D
      Always feel welcome and comfortable to chat. Everyone there is very nice and friendly and awesome!

      I will stream more, but there's no set schedule right now. It's pretty random.
      If you signed up to follow my on picarto then you'll get notifications in your email when I'm on, but would you like me to post an announcement here as well?

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        Hehe, I'll try to be less shy. I'm FishFox on there, instead of Woofle, but that'll be me if I talk next time. :D
        yayyy for more streams! And yeah, I'd appreciate it if you announced 'em, here, too! :3 I'll subscribe, too, next time I'm in one! Then I can see all the streams forever! :3 Thank you!!

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          Hehehe, no problem. I probably won't have any streams or updates until after the 22nd. I'm spending 10 days in San Jose for Further Confusion. But I have my facebook, twitter, FA, IB, Patreon, and I'll add Weasyl to my list of sites I'll announce to when I livestream. =3

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            Hehe, no worries, I'm headed up that way, too! :3 We head out in the mornin'. It's my first con! :o So I'm hoping it's gonna be fun n' stuff. I hope you have fun, too!!! :D Thanks for adding Weasyl, too. It's really kind of you. ;~;!!!

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              Oh awesome! I hope you have an amazing first con! I haven't been to Further Confusion in over 10 years, hahah!

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                Ooh~! Thank you and welcome back!! :D I hope you have a really good time here, too. :3
                OH! Are your commissions gonna be open still after everyone heads home? :o