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Halloweek! 5: The Vampire Queen Awaits! by Dreadwolfclaw

Halloweek! 5: The Vampire Queen Awaits!


he last and final entry of Halloweek. Allow me to reintroduce Kit Abernathy, another Haebrum Direwolf akin to Bas and Syb that will serve as kindred to Sybil in the story. No idea what I will do with her once I start to write After Years this coming year or where to place her at the story. What I will bring you guys is her ref sheet one day. Once I narrow down her design completely. Same with her boyfriend, Andre.

Here she is as the Vampire Queen herself, Vampirella! Ive not read a comic starring this very voluptuous dark heroine, but I do loooove her unique design. A design to my shock while controversial to some was designed by a woman who wanted her to look sexy. I will suggest you guys watch ComicTropes' video on her for more info on that. And arrrrgh! I forgot to draw in and color her bracelets!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this small series. I wish I had thought of a theme for it before hand. But would you all say this get the point across. A five week series of art related on a holiday theme? Or is this way promote laziness to those who don't have the fortitude for inktober? Share it in the comments or in notes.

Happy Belated (super late) Halloween !

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