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How Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX is MIND BLOWING

on 9 May 2020 at 14:59:30 MDT

I remember hearing about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue and Red Rescue Team for Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance a long time ago, and thought that the concept was very neat, and a couple weeks ago, a remake of both games for the Switch was released and I was dying to play it! What’s new about the remake, what problems from the original games were fixed? Let’s find out by talking about how Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX is MIND BLOWING!
In Three..
*The game’s art style is very creative. The settings remind me of a watercolor painting, and the textures on the character models fit perfectly with them!

*Unlike the original games where you have to stick with the Pokemon you get for your results in the quiz, have some choices limited by the gender you are, and can only have Pikachu or the starters as your partner; this game lets you freely pick your Pokemon regardless of gender and your partner can be any non-starter Pokemon besides Pikachu. I also like how if you play as a female Pikachu or Eevee, they have their designs for their tails for the female counterparts.

*One of the neat things about this remake is that most of the assets and control elements from Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon are present in this game. Some examples include the character dialogue boxes, sound effects, wands returning as items, and even the controls are similar, particularly holding the ZL button, followed by any of the four face buttons to do a certain attack with.

*But don’t worry, the series’ formula stays the same where you explore dungeons to rescue and help Pokemon in their problems, and battle enemies in an action RPG gameplay like The Legend of Zelda.

*I love how after the player comes up with a team name for him/her and the partner, the partner gives the player a scarf: the biggest aspect of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, which the color depends on which Pokemon are being played as. Unlike Super Mystery Dungeon where the scarves are part of the game’s story, these are for decoration, and are part of the entire game.

*The Makuhita Dojo is now updated, and better than ever! Instead of going through multiple training stages as the same Pokemon, now only one Pokemon goes to a certain training stage depending on what type they are, and have to defeat as many Pokemon as they can before time runs out, and can be automatically revived when fainting.

*Ever feel like you want the game to take over moving around for a while? Well, now there’s Auto Mode, where the game will do so, until you come across an enemy.
*The Friend Areas are now replaced by Rescue Camps, which work the same way as the Friend Areas, but now when buying permission to access them by Wigglytuff, the game will let you know what Pokemon can go to which camps when viewing the camps and which Pokemon can go to which one, making it much easier to keep track.

*And just like in Super Mystery Dungeon, you can choose which teammates you want to go into the dungeons, and not worry about the player and partner being required for any dungeon.

*There’s actually an autosave function similar to the Hamtaro games by Nintendo, and Super Mario Land 2. At certain points of the game, it will save without you noticing it happening with no icon or text letting you know that the game is saving, and not to touch the Power button. Heck, when you choose Save and Go to the Main Menu, the game will exit in just a second just like in Super Mario 64.

*Pre-evolutions and evolutions of Pokemon from generations 1-3 in generations 4-8 make their way into the Pokemon roster. Pokemon like Mantyke, Budew, Bonsly, Weavile, Togekiss, and Magmortor appear, and even Riolu and Lucario; which is a reference to Alakazam mentioning the latter in a part of the game.
*And considering how this is a remake of both Blue & Red Rescue Team, any Pokemon you would see in one game, but not the other will be combined together to have more kinds of Pokemon in your team.

*It’s generous of Persian to give you a random item after making a withdrawal or deposit in the Felicity Bank everyday.

*I also like how when you fall asleep, a Gardivoir shows up in your dream, which makes sense since she’s a psychic and fairy type.

*Your house can get an upgrade turning it from a plain looking house to the player’s head after helping a Wynaut and Wobbuffet deal with Mankeys.

*Fainted Pokemon make their return from Super Mystery Dungeon, giving some more various ways to add new members to your rescue team. And if you complete a job with a special reward, the client actually is amazed at what you did, and actually offers themselves to be part of your team! Huh, did EdwardHamHam and I actually predicted some of the stuff we said in our list?

*If all of your teammates faint in a dungeon, you can rescue yourself with other team members of yours in the Pelipper post office just like in Super Mystery Dungeon. Even better, you can try as many times as you want without a limited amount of tries.

*You can also get help from other people as well either by a password that’s been compressed to just 30 characters with numbers and four letters for requesting just one person, or even by publically getting help from anyone using the Internet.

*Illusory Grotto is a nice dungeon to go to after fainting to get some very rare items like Reviver Seeds, Max Elixers, and more!

*The ending where the player has to say goodbye is one of the saddest moments in video game history, but it’s very heartwarming that he/she returns as the Pokemon they are.

*Just like in Super Mystery Dungeon, after clearing the main story, you can find any of the playable Pokemon in dungeons and as clients, as well as get an opportunity to evolve your teammates.

*It’s also neat how after rescuing a Smeargle, he can change your house’s flag with any design he has.

*If you have an invitation in your toolbox, and come across a building with the same design as it, you’ll enter the Mystery House where you can find very helpful items and in some cases another Pokemon that can be part of your team.

*Gulpin can not only link moves for you, but can have you relearn any moves you forgot about just like with Hawlucha in Super Mystery Dungeon.

*Helping a Munchlax who tripped over and dropped his apples by giving the apples to him is one of the nicest things I’ve ever seen in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon history.

So overall, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX is a nice remake of the beginning of the series, and even though I don’t like it as much as Super Mystery Dungeon, it’s still a nice improvement over the original games, and a great throwback for many gamers.

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