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I'm just a girl from a little town in the middle of nowhere. I'm not very interesting, so I try to make up for it by inflicting my bizarre fantasies on my characters. I never really know what to say about myself, so if you want to know more feel free to ask.

In real life, I am:
-In a relationship.
-Only attracted to girls.
-Not an artist. All of the art is this gallery was either commissioned by or for me, or was gifted to me by some really awesome people.

My characters are available to be used in art with yours, if you'd like, but please ask me before you do. There are different rules for each.

My personal character is a pure-bred swift fox named Grace. Once the queen of a vast and powerful empire, she was overthrown in a bloody coup and promptly executed. In a strange twist of fate, she was resurrected shortly thereafter, by whom or what she does not know, and now must wander the world, a stranger everywhere she goes. Homeless and hungry, it didn't take her long to discover that her new life is something of a mixed blessing as she is the victim of a powerful curse. She is unable to permanently die, coming back to life a mere 24 hours after every time she gets killed. The trouble is, every time she resurrects, she loses another little part of her memory of her former life. She lives in terror of the day when she loses everything she was before the coup.

She has found some measure of happiness in the midst of all her troubles, however, In her travels, she has made plenty of friends, including a girl who seems to care for her, and she has even had a daughter. She has found work as an adventurer and she has begun to shed the arrogance and the ignorance of her former life as a queen and to develop a new appreciation for the world around her.

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GORE Warning - Graphic blood and mutilation

Just fair warning to you guys. In about an hour or so I plan to post a Halloween-themed piece I've just received and it contains graphic depictions of blood and gore, including evisceration and amputation.

Don't worry, though. I've got another, much more pleasant picture on the way as well!

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    Hi hi

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    Thank you very much for the watch! Have a great week!

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    Thanks for the watch!

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      You're very welcome. You have such lovely characters, and they're all so fascinating! I love finding people who have real stories for their characters, and have really put a lot of thought into who they are as people.

      I've read a bit of the stories you've posted to FA, too, and I keep meaning to comment 'cause they're fantastic! I find myself particularly fascinated by Topaz, since from what little I've picked up she seems to have a really rough past, but she still seems really strong.

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        I've certainly done that. I've been working on some of them forever. Lauren and Topaz both have had their backgrounds revamped about 8 times each... Haha. Lauren started out as a scientist, and Topaz a dancer. My how things have changed and evolved. ;)

        I would love to hear your thoughts, either on FA or Weasyl! Comments are so hard to come by for us writers, we definitely love them! I do hope you'll comment on the ones you've read, I can always use them. :)

        Topaz, yeah, she's had a lot of work put into her. Her background has largely remained the same, she has a brother that she hasn't seen in a while, seen in The First Lesson. I don't want to spoil anything, but of course some stuff has been out for a while but hasn't been hit in the comics/stories yet.... Though I like to think she has a reason for why she is the way she is, and that she's a bright spirit despite her past.

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    Hey Grace! Thanks for all the faves and the follow. >:3

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      Of course! You know I've gotta stalk... er, follow one of my favoritest people!

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        Awwwww! You are so sweet! And one of my favorite people too! <3