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-Hi there-

I am

✧ Noah ‧ Trans guy ‧ he/him pronouns ‧ ???sexual ‧ Short (5'5'') ✧

I'm a small queer who gets overly emotional about my own characters.
I also do adoptables a lot to save up for top surgery.
You can find all my adoptables in the gallery
More often than not, I also post my personal doodles.

I am currently closed for customs and commissions, but will open them as soon as I can!

Other places to find me

ghousttown @ tumblr This is where I post doodles and sketches and the like. Probably the most active, art-wise

ghoustronaut @ tumblr My main tumblr. Hosts general art on occation, but is mostly just reblogs and shenanigans

ghoustronaut @ twitter Twitter account. Not super active, but would like to use it more. Life gripes & doodles



Latest Journal


Hey! So now that we've got the major art spam over with (sorry about that holy shit), I'd like to introduce myself!!

My name is Noah, and I'm a trans guy from the tiny collection of islands called Denmark. I work freelance with character design, storyboarding & such. I'd like to work with or within animation some day, and while mental illness is a problem too huge for me right now to pursue it, it's definitely still on the bucket list.

I'm currently saving up for top surgery, and I'm about 80% there (wooh :D)!! It's been a long & tough battle with balancing economy & food and all that, but dang I'm almost there. I'm gonna work towards filling out that last 20% this year, and I hope to open up commissions soon, again. Well I mean, not "in a week" soon, but sometime during the summer, maybe.

The kind of things I'm planning to uploading to weasyl are a illustrations, character designs, concept art, sketches, and stuff like that. I'd like to upload things more freely than I have previously on both my furaffinity & my tumblr, where things have been relatively separated. So like, more finished up things, but very much a mix of like furry art & general art & mature and not mature things. Idk, I'd just like to show my art as a whole instead of just chopping it up in small chunks & presenting different ones on different pedestals. anyway I'm rambling. carrying on

I'll also do an effort to upload more of my sketches & doodles and all that, although those will be uploaded at
ghousttown @ tumblr, as to not clutter this account too much (I literally have like....a whole dresser filled with loose, bedoodled A4 paper. It's starting to become a problem hahahah)

Ok so I should probably end things off here, it's stating to become long hahah
It's nice to be here!! I'm feeling very positive about all this :>

I hope you're all doing alright!! Thank you for reading this ;v;


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Animated Icon (10-15 frames)
$ 80.00
Painted Icon
$ 30.00
Simple Icon
$ 15.00


$ 18.00
Custom Design
$ 25.00
$ 25.00
$ 15.00
add  Complex Background
$ 20.00
add  Fully Painted Background
$ 50.00
add  Simple Background
$ 5.00


Fully Rendered Painting
$ 120.00
Rough Painting
$ 45.00
Standard Painting
$ 70.00


Cleaned up sketch
$ 10.00
Cleaned Up Sketch Page
$ 60.00
Rough Sketch
$ 5.00
Sketch Page
$ 40.00
add  Colour
$ 10.00
add  Colour, For Sketch Page
$ 30.00



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    Was wondering why you werent so active on the other sites! But now its all good yo!

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      Oh, which sites do you mean? With furaffinity, it was mostly all those shifty shenanigans with the admins and the site in general and all that. The rest I sort of just forget to use, hahah. I'm not super great at being present online as you've probably noticed with the lack of activity here as well heheh ;v;

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        Yeah Furaffinity! The Admins arent the issue for me its the illegal stuff I've seen users been doing that made me question the site and contact the FBI.

        But good on ya, this place is chill is like the west coast.

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    I really like your character designs!

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    your icon.... is so cute

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      omg.....thank you so much ;v;

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    It's nice to see talented artists moving to this site!! uvu/