Heyo!! by ghosttown

Hey! So now that we've got the major art spam over with (sorry about that holy shit), I'd like to introduce myself!!

My name is Noah, and I'm a trans guy from the tiny collection of islands called Denmark. I work freelance with character design, storyboarding & such. I'd like to work with or within animation some day, and while mental illness is a problem too huge for me right now to pursue it, it's definitely still on the bucket list.

I'm currently saving up for top surgery, and I'm about 80% there (wooh :D)!! It's been a long & tough battle with balancing economy & food and all that, but dang I'm almost there. I'm gonna work towards filling out that last 20% this year, and I hope to open up commissions soon, again. Well I mean, not "in a week" soon, but sometime during the summer, maybe.

The kind of things I'm planning to uploading to weasyl are a illustrations, character designs, concept art, sketches, and stuff like that. I'd like to upload things more freely than I have previously on both my furaffinity & my tumblr, where things have been relatively separated. So like, more finished up things, but very much a mix of like furry art & general art & mature and not mature things. Idk, I'd just like to show my art as a whole instead of just chopping it up in small chunks & presenting different ones on different pedestals. anyway I'm rambling. carrying on

I'll also do an effort to upload more of my sketches & doodles and all that, although those will be uploaded at
ghousttown @ tumblr, as to not clutter this account too much (I literally have like....a whole dresser filled with loose, bedoodled A4 paper. It's starting to become a problem hahahah)

Ok so I should probably end things off here, it's stating to become long hahah
It's nice to be here!! I'm feeling very positive about all this :>

I hope you're all doing alright!! Thank you for reading this ;v;




27 May 2016 at 17:32:19 MDT

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    Yo your art is rad af thank u for coming to weasyl....

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      dang, thank you!! I'm glad to finally be here ;v;

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    Oh so YOU are the reason I have 189 submissions in my inbox. X3

    Ahhh I'm so happy for you being so close to getting top surgery! Good luck getting the rest!!

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      LOL sorry about that ;v; I tried tapping the "don't make notifications for this for followers" thing as often as I could, but forgot with quite a lot of them it seems oops

      Yeee, thank you!! there's a little ways to go yet since its thousands of dollars, but it definitely a more digestible chunk than what it's been so far

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    nice!!! i love your stuff c:

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    Grats on being so close to the surgery! Here's to everything going well!

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      yoooo thanks!! it's def been hard, but the zeal is remaining ;v;

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    Hello, it is very nice to meet you ( O u O)
    Love the artwork btw~

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      To you too!
      And thank you! ;V;

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    So glad to see you settled in here and the introductions went well! Sorry I missed the art spam party, I am a horrible porcupine by heart.