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Hello! I'm an animation graduate/ concept artist wannabee
I'm really into character and creature design. Also into animation.

I'm kinda shy and busy so I won't be the most talkative. I'm not unfriendly though! Just not a great conversation starter. So feel free to ask me anything c:

Commissions Open!

Where you can find me:

Deviant Art



Latest Journal

Back and Commissions

Hi I’m back! We’ve settled in and have internet now!

I’m opening commissions again, I’ll certainly need them as I’m still searching for a job!
Commission info:
Note me or email me at to grab a slot or ask any questions.
6 slots open!

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Character/Creature Design

Detailed - see full info on commission website
from £ 60.00
to £ 100.00
Key Word Design - see full info on commission website
from £ 10.00
to £ 50.00
Stylized - see full info on commission website
from £ 45.00
to £ 90.00

Detailed Sketch - Colour

Full Body
£ 25.00
Half Body
£ 17.00
£ 8.00

Detailed Sketch - No colour

Full Body
£ 15.00
Half Body
£ 10.00
£ 5.00

Digital Painting

Full Body
£ 50.00
Half Body
£ 35.00
£ 20.00
add  Detailed Painted Background - full background
£ 50.00
add  Detailed Painted Background - half background
£ 25.00


Detailed - Two flat colour character poses and two headshots. Can pay for extra details.
£ 50.00
Stylised - Two flat colour character poses and two headshots. Can pay for extra details.
£ 40.00

Stylized Sketch - Colour

Full Body
£ 18.00
Half Body
£ 12.00
£ 6.00

Stylized Sketch - no colour

Full Body
£ 10.00
Half Body
£ 6.00

Commissioned are open! Note or email me at for any inquiries c:
Commission website for more info, activity and examples.

Extra characters are approximately 60% of the base price.

Can draw
Any animal/creature, anthro or human character. Android/cyborg characters to an extent.
Original characters, existing characters, fan characters/video game avatars, pets.
Tasteful nudity

Won't Draw
Complex machinery, very complicated and detailed armor. (Might be able to do a simplified version)
Extreme gore (blood and small wounds are ok).
Nsfw (other than tasteful nudity), most fetishes and anything discriminatory.
I won’t heavily reference/copy another artist's, character, art style or pose.

For payment I take GBP (£) via paypal invoice.
Please check how much something will cost in your own currency before taking a slot. ​

Terms of Service
Full TOS
Read before claiming a slot.

Please include this information
The type of commission.
Visual reference on your chosen character(s).
Any preferences for the commission (poses, expressions, etc).
Any other information not listed above which would affect the commission (if you want a desktop resolution version, if it's a gift to someone etc).



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  • Link

    I adore your art! In love with your style and the creatures you draw. Plus you draw birds, and that's always a plus. ;) Looking forward to seeing more from you!

    • Link

      Thank you very much! Gotta love birds c:

  • Link

    Well you have some positively fantastic art here, filled with detail, personality and dynamism. If I wasn't so extraordinarily busy right now I'd probably be commenting on and favoriting half your gallery, but I'll just have to settle for following for the moment! Keep up the lovely work!

    • Link

      Thanks a lot <3 Your work is fantastic as well! I love your ballpoint drawings c:

      • Link

        Oh goodness you're too kind! Thank you.

  • Link

    ahhh your style is great. and the more birds the better ♡

    • Link

      Ah thanks very much <3 Oh I Love your character btw. She's so unique and appealing and noodly hehe!

  • Link

    Thank you so much for the watch hun! <3