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Thank you for the watch/fave!!!

I tend to keep to myself and I'm not really one for starting conversations. I will talk with you if you like but please don't feel offended if I don't always come to you to start conversations! I'm pretty shy. I like trapping, hunting, fur, taxidermy, gamedogs, and bones. I can probably answer any questions you have about any of the above as well :)

I DO draw:
ferals ‧ anthros ‧ "chibi"/cartoony ‧ multiple species ‧ gore/blood

I DON'T draw:
feral porn ‧ animal genitalia (anthro or feral) ‧ humans ‧ most fetishes (even the more tame ones like baby/diaper)

All WIP images are in a folder in my submissions titled "WIP Images"! Please check them out :) I update it very regularly.