Hello all, I am Cora "FrostWyrm102" Valion, the silent artist. Many who know me know that I rarely make a noise outiside of laughter and conversation with friends. I am a self taught artist and you've got to respect my attention to detail; even if I do miss a beat or two on some things. Onto my "career". I've been developing characters since before high school. Cora(my main fursona) actually only came into being in the past year. Cleo's creation was what eventually brought me here. I also work on stories on occasion, mostly for character development; to give me a good idea of how the character behaves.

This may or may not shock you: Every piece of work seen in my gallery(that was done by me) was done with a pencil, paper, occasional pen, a tablet, and GIMP. I've been trying to improve but have reached a point where improvement is not going to be easy.

Before you make any request of any sort, read this first!:Some technical information about what I will and will not draw.

--Standard Requests--

I may occasionally hold a few freebie projects here and there, until I get my ID card and bank account set up.

--Gifts and Trades--

I am always game for art trades, all you need to do is send me a note/PM. Gifts are nice too, but I won't hold my breath. However, if you wish to use any of my characters, notify me whether or not the picture you're planning is explicit/NSFW!

--Weekly Requests--

(Updates/Refreshes sundays @ 12 a.m. mountain time)
Looking for freebies? This is the weekly slot request journal, check with me for availability.

Know why I do so many free things? It's because there's one currency I care about and I'm extremely greedy for it: art. Pure and simple, I love art. This is the same reason that I'm always game for art trades. I'm intrigued to see just how other people draw my characters. The ones I have seen have been pretty good, so I look forward to the future.

--Now, on to the characters I will be mainly using:

Cora(my main) - Ref

April Dawn(female alt) - Ref

Cleo Valion - Ref.

Tzanessa Tera'aretis - Ref

Aurlixia Val'esu - Ref

Figrun Koren - Ref

Saf'fellon Iseult - Ref

Sylexia Val'esu - Ref Coming Soon!

Ariana Tanomoxi - Ref

Sanguinem Deus: (nexpaciscor's char) - Ref

Star Lloyd(Sister's char) - Star Lloyd(Sister's char) - Ref

If you'd like to RP with me, I do have F-list.

I've decided to create myself an account to thwart what impostors might try to pose as me(which probably wouldn't be many, as I'm far from a big name).

I am the same "FrostWyrm102" from FurAffinity, DeviantArt and SoFurry.


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Boop n stuff

on 12 September 2016 at 01:47:55 MDT

Figured I'd make a new entry here, since I haven't done so since I pretty much joined here.

So yea, I'm still alive and such.

On another note, my ears are always open to new art ideas and such, especially as of late, since finding inspiration has become mysteriously harder for me.

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Full Color

Tier 1(Flat Colors+Refined Linework)
$ 25.00
Tier 2(Cel Shading+Refined Linework)
$ 30.00
Tier 3(Rough Shading+Refined Linework)
$ 35.00
Tier 4(Refined Shading+Refined Linework)
$ 40.00


$ 5.00
$ 2.00

Ref Sheet

Ref Sheet(Brand New Character)
from $ 25.00
to $ 35.00
Ref Sheet(Pre-Existing Character)
from $ 5.00
to $ 15.00


Tier 1(Rough Sketch)
$ 5.00
Tier 2(Refined Sketch)
$ 10.00
Tier 3(Rough Digital/Physical Inking)
$ 15.00
Tier 4(Refined Digital/Physical Inking)
$ 20.00


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