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Draft Free Agency Results and a Few Notes

on 23 April 2017 at 17:40:01 MDT

Apologies to all on the Delay but at this time, Draft Free Agency has closed. Here are the results of them:

Houston - Zak Slash (LW), Mason Aaron (C), Inferno (G)
Hamilton - Talton (RW)
Thunder Bay - Kruz (LW), Swampertlover (RW)
Raleigh - Siadena (D)
Baltimore - Stormshadow Thunderpaws (G), Billy Mays (RW)

With that, all players have been assigned to teams, and Draft FA is now completed. Any new signups beyond this point will be entered into standard Free Agency.

Complete Draft Results are Available here:

With the Draft Completed, here are a few notes on the road ahead:

1)As was voted on a couple weeks ago, Season 6 will begin around the Last week of October. Complete dates will be available closer to time.

2)While the season isn't to start until then, this doesn't mean we aren't going to have stuff in the interim. Expect to see at least 1 tournament in the next couple months. More information will be available soon.

3)If someone is interested in trying their hand at Coaching a team, the Houston Cosmonauts are seeking an Assistant General Manager. As an AGM, you would be in charge of most daily operations pertaining to lines, substitutions and adjustments, so as to help the GM out should they have to be away. If interested, contact us and we will get you in contact with the GM of Houston.

With that, I hope you all enjoyed the draft and will join us for some excitement this season!

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    I don't quite understand, what exactly is the FHL?

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      The FHL or Furry Hockey League is a simulation hockey league using a home brewed d100 dice system where furs are both players on the teams, and the GMs that operate them.

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        Oh cool, am I still able to register or are the closed for the season?

        • Link

          Hey Vilkas. New players can enter into the season all the way up to Halfway through. We aren't starting this season until October, so go ahead. Good time as any anyway as we expect there to be a tournament coming up soon.

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    Furry Hockey League! Thanks for the fave! :)

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      You are welcome!

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    Thank you for the fave, glad to be a part of the official FHL! Haha.

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    Thank you for the favorite!