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FHL News: Close of Retention, Draft, Season Opening

on 19 September 2018 at 22:10:13 MDT


Season 7 FHL NEWS - September 19, 2018

WORLDWIDE-With the passing of the Retention Deadline, all retention lists for teams have been locked. Players who are retained will stay with the team in the coming season.

The Retained players are as follows:

Team Players
Baltimore Dekathrine, Selden, Gray, Holmgren, Fedorov, Colton
Erie Conway, Corinth, Husky, Bard, Pumpkin
Hamilton Parlett, Auro, Rottie, Arbman, Rinehart, Southerpacks, MacTavish
Houston Belonzyk, LaFluer, Otter, Lee, Tretyak, Inferno, Slash
Jacksonville Rovak, Stapler, Red, Gwosdz, Grass, Deki
Lexington Swiftfoot, Larrson, Silvarin, Wuffy
Newfoundland Haydenpup, Ash, Stargazer, Aurelius, Sullivan, Rydarius, Sierra
Omaha Tasanvich, Cuno, Wilson, Lloyd, Brushtail
Raleigh Ansiskorpi, Wulf, Deak, Whiteleaf, Frans, Siadena, Barbardos
Saskatoon Wolf, Vaughn, Rex, Xyrho, Foxy
San Antonio Knight, Silverclaw, Wantanabi, Rodgers, Polariz, Sithek, Darius
Seattle Bed. Bear. Bigelow, R-Ryian, Jelen, Akecheta, Mays
Salt Lake City Ward, Ikaika, Orca, Sakurai
St. Louis Audubon, Goodfellow, Bartholomew, Held, Zephyr
Thunder Bay Shepherd, Wingdog, Adler, Clarke
Victoria Bel. Bear, Paskhowl, Pichupal, Subzy, Skooma

Any players not on retention lists will join the rookies in the Season 7 Draft Pool.


WORLDWIDE- With the completion of the Retention Period, the league is now ready for the Season 7 FHL Draft. During the draft teams will draft players from the Draft Pool of Released Players and Rookies of the league.

Starting the opening round on Friday, September 21st, 2018, the Draft will consist of 6 rounds, each round running over a period of 2 days. Each day will start with a deadline of 7 PM Eastern, and continuing deadlines every 40 minutes up to 20 mins after Midnight, teams will pick in round order, completing half the round each day. Should a team’s pick be reached before their deadline, a team may pick early, including starting on a day’s pick early, but all picks will have the deadlines as they are set.

Teams are allowed to people from any player in the Draft Pool with one limitation. As the league is currently at the exact limit when it comes to full teams for skaters, no team can select more than 10 skaters for their team(between their retained and drafted). Teams are also limited to 2 Goalies, though the number of 2 Goalie spots are limited, and will not be allowed in a case that would leave a team without at least 1.

After the 6th round is finished, there will be an opening round of free agency, in which teams that have not reached 10 skaters, or should it happen have goalie room with a goalie left, will pick from remaining players to cover sports. The order of free agency will be determined by reverse ranking from Season 6, and Teams who participate will be moved to the bottom of the Waiver List.

Any player or Teams who have questions about the draft may comment here, or contact the commission on Discord, and we will try to answer you as best we can.

Draft Lists are advised for teams should they be unavailable at the time of their pick.

Draft Information, and Draft Pool is available here:


WORLDWIDE-With the Retention completed and the Draft set, the Commission has now agreed on the opening day. Game Night 1 and the Opening of the Season will be Thursday October, 11th 2018. The Regular Season will go 54 Game Nights, with breaks for Thanksgiving and The All-Star Week, and will end with Game Night 54 on Thursday April, 25th.


WORLDWIDE-With the expansion of the Schedule, and the number of games on Non-Division game nights, the League is look for volunteers for Simulating games. Simulating games is a helpful for the league, and there is a EXP reward earned for support. Interested parties may note the FHL and we will help get you setup.

"The FHL is a non-profit, anthropomorphic, computer simulated, role-playing fantasy hockey league with 18 teams and over 200 participants in North and South America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania as of August 17, 2018.

For more information, contact us via our website, Facebook Page, or our Furaffinity Page

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    YOUR league is here on Weasyl?????????? Jeez-f'ing-us... -_-

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    I don't quite understand, what exactly is the FHL?

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      The FHL or Furry Hockey League is a simulation hockey league using a home brewed d100 dice system where furs are both players on the teams, and the GMs that operate them.

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        Oh cool, am I still able to register or are the closed for the season?

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          Hey Vilkas. New players can enter into the season all the way up to Halfway through. We aren't starting this season until October, so go ahead. Good time as any anyway as we expect there to be a tournament coming up soon.

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    Furry Hockey League! Thanks for the fave! :)

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      You are welcome!

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    Thank you for the fave, glad to be a part of the official FHL! Haha.