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The 16 races of Entirety by FamiliarAlien

The 16 races of Entirety


Wow, not sure what happened (I think it may have been a time weasyl wasn't working right) but for some odd reason this drawing was never posted here but was posted everywhere else.
These pixel pieces were done way back in October 2013 designed to showcase all the people species of my sci fi for easy reference on DA (since there is a group system on that site and I didn't want to spam each with 15 submissions every time I joined one).
For the record this piece is pretty impressive when you realize the pixel art was done beginning to end in MSpaint. So enjoy!

Entirety and all races (with the exceptions of humans and greys) belong to me

Saitek originally created by dyerok

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    Woooow...your pixel renditions of them all look FANTASTIC. This is really cool, seeing their stats and info all in one place. Excellent designs.

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    I like this, the races are cute and the fonts and sense of composition makes the whole presentation appealing. If I had to be one of these, I'd go with Deserge, because the dress and body language makes it seem like the most likely to be fun-loving. Interesting they share their planet with the Moin. Your Grey is a nice "hybrid" of alien and chupacabra, well done, blends like that are hard to pull off, and taking a unique interpretation of a RL mystery adds depth to the setting.

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      thanks for the nice detail comment :3, I'm so glad people like the Deserge so much! They are a fun species to draw since their outfits are often a bit more elaborate than other species!