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Entirety world building: unnatural grey morphs by FamiliarAlien

Entirety world building: unnatural grey morphs


To spare you guys the long comment from here since this is a secondary art account where I doubt you care about the long story: Grey aliens appear in my sci fi. They can use fancy science to mix with 13 of the 15 other sapient species. The results end up like this.

So enjoy!

Entirety and all concepts related to it belong to Goatlactic (me)

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    I love the little moth creature <3

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    The Grey Bli!gira looks weird without their fur, 'cuz I'm so used to seeing them with it. O.o

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      :o Yeah they do look mighty old without fur! Funny enough normal bli!gira as they grow. Basically since they're arthropods they shed their exoskeleton. Thing is the new exoskeleton underneath it has no room to grow fur so they're bald for short periods of time after the fact. Luckily for them (mostly because its very cold on their home planet) the fur grows in very quickly so they aren't stuck in the awkward bald state for too long.

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      Also btw sorry for taking so long to reply I have been... sorta not in a drawing mood lately so I haven't been checking my online galleries D:

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        Ahhh, it's okay! I take ridiculously long to reply to things myself, so you're good. XD