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Design tweak: Wayok by FamiliarAlien

Design tweak: Wayok


This was suppose to be done LAST WEEKEND Dx. Crappy health aside here's the other thing I wanted to do before moving on to more character sheets because I couldn't not do it.
You see there was two designs I felt since a bit after completing them they could be more alien/more consistent with the other designs I had done so I figure before introducing characters of said species I should actually do the design tweak.
Wayok are essentially the same as before except the style they're drawn in no longer suffers of early style awkwardness, now they're actually as angular as everything else though two things were altered design wise: instead of having 3 sets of fins with only the top ones having arms now all 3 have arms because more alien this way. Also they have a nose now.
This was done for two reasons:
To make their face less like quagsire/jabba the hutt
To make more sense because Wayok have poor vision but a powerful sense of smell and they didn't even have visible nostrils before x-x. That was bad design on my part.
Otherwise everything is the same as seen before on their sheet.
Also as far as image style goes I did something different and gave it a pseudo painted look because I felt like it.

So enjoy!
Entirety and all creatures related to it belong to me

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