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Design tweak: Chi'Tsao by FamiliarAlien

Design tweak: Chi'Tsao


And here's the other species that needed a little tweak. Chi'Tsao had two big problems: they look way too much just like anthro moths rather than aliens and their limb had lots of little details and little definition so they ended up looking like stickmen unless you were super close up to them and considering they're 10 inches tall they're probably going to be pretty small on panel the vast majority of the time ._.
Design wise their limbs at the same (though like Wayok they've been drawn to be more consistent with the rest of the designs) they're just cover in a bit of poof that hides the smaller details and gives them more of a shape, also because their hands are now visibly a different colour from the rest of their arm you can make them out at a far distance. Other tweak include them having 4 eyes and a different head shape overall to make them stand out as not!moth anthros. Also the inner hole of their wings they have has been simplified to be a diamond shape which makes it kinda match with their antennae.
They're still quite moths like but they were always intended to be reminiscent of them, just now I can't point at their face and go "see moths have 2 eyes and and proboscis and these have 4 eyes and a mouth full of pointy death teeth. Not a moth!"

So enjoy!
Entirety and all creatures related to it belong to me

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    Wow, what cuties!~

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      they are :D they are tiny and adorable... and a little scary in a sense since they have a nasty poisonous bite but luckily they don't usually use it unless you're being mean ;3;

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    I really like the lighting/shading here ;_;

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      sorry for replying to this weeks after it was made (making an update journal to explain that right now) but thank you :D