Dawn of a New Era by Eskiworks

Dawn of a New Era


9 August 2013 at 17:17:18 MDT

Commissioned full illustration for Lionel! Accompanied by his baby dinosaur companions, Milo the time traveling smiladon visits the not-so-distant future, to find nature reclaiming a once vast city. I had so much fun with this one, it was a really awesome open ended concept, and I got to stretch my art muscles a bit with a new challenging environment.

Work in Progress shots can be found here:

WIP Post 1

WIP Post 2

WIP Post 3

25 hours in Photoshop CS6 with an Intuos 3 tablet

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    Wow Hun you just reached a new level again hehe I love the detailed bg and the whole concept is just amazing =3

    Damn after this picture I'm so tempted to ask one about my Aztec jaguaress Izel xD we will see =3!

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      Aw, thank you! <3 I ADORE your character's concept, personally, I've been in a mental Aztec kick myself. Might be doing an Aztec themed piece this coming week in fact!

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        Awesome xD Take her if you want! hehe xDD

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    the lighting came out superb. I think I commented on yoru tumblr about weathering, but I see it's there. The lighting. it looks very solid and there's a lot of depth too. well done.

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      Oh thank you so much! I got your comment there after checking here, I think you are right though. I did put some in, but it could use some pushing so it's more visible from farther away I think. *nods*

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    Nature taking over, I like that idea!

    Great job and the baby dino is cuuuuteee!

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      Thank you so much! =D

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    Absolutely Gorgeous Piece! Too many things to compliment on but omg amazing! :)