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I am an illustrator, sculptor and mold maker. I love animals and wildlife and want to bring realism in to everyone's chcharacter.

I work on practical special effects for movies when theres work.

Feel free to check out my website for my traditional artwork

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should i end my account?

Hey peeps... Seems like Weasyl and FurryNetwork are slow as ever.
Considering just abandoning both sites completely...

Whats your thoughts?

Basically Im getting more action on facebook with barely 311 people and one comment a week vs these furry sites "furAffinity, weasyl, furryNetwork"
Im also getting nothing from "Deviant Art"

Tired of working my tail off and getting nothing for it.

If anyone wants to watch my facebook page feel free to do so.

Also if you want to folow my etsy page please do so.

So tired of being the invisible raptor.

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    Hey there! Sorry I've not been in touch for ages, been a bit busy around my house lately. Just letting ya know I got some money in so I got two of your busts that I really wanted for a while now (the Raptor and the bat). Hope I can get a bit more in soon and I'll see about commissioning you for a couple of custom busts : )

    Hope things are doing well for you!


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      Thank you so much! It feels great to know sombody likes my art. I have the sculpts boxed and will ship oit today. :)

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        You're quite welcome! I love your work, just never had enough money to spend on stuff I wanted instead of just stuff I need (like school stuff/supplies for work..etc). Will come to you again once I get more. Got the box in this morning and I must say I love the stuff! Thank you!

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    It's great to see you here too; thanks so much for following me!

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    Amazing art! Thanks for following me OVO

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    thanks a lot for following me!

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    I saw the medallion. That I like and could buy.

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      The Unicorn Medalion? I like those too, they are a nice accent to any journal or book :)