I am an illustrator, sculptor and mold maker. I love animals and wildlife and want to bring realism in to everyone's chcharacter.

I work on practical special effects for movies when theres work.

Feel free to check out my website for my traditional artwork

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Finally Caught up. And Updates

on 5 September 2016 at 22:36:54 MDT

Well it took a couple days and a few hours but I finally got caught up with all the artworks in my folder. Some amazing arts from amazing artists.

Now I am open for commissions but since i am found primarily on FA, you might want to contact me there :)

I hope to start getting more commissions than I have been, meaning more than 1 sketch a year. Egads thats pathetic.....

I am on Twitter, FA, Weasyl, Furry Beta, DA. and have been trying to update them all this last week. Lots of work.

Now that I am mostly caught up I am ready to do some commissions! So let me know what you want :)


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    Hey there! Sorry I've not been in touch for ages, been a bit busy around my house lately. Just letting ya know I got some money in so I got two of your busts that I really wanted for a while now (the Raptor and the bat). Hope I can get a bit more in soon and I'll see about commissioning you for a couple of custom busts : )

    Hope things are doing well for you!


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      Thank you so much! It feels great to know sombody likes my art. I have the sculpts boxed and will ship oit today. :)

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        You're quite welcome! I love your work, just never had enough money to spend on stuff I wanted instead of just stuff I need (like school stuff/supplies for work..etc). Will come to you again once I get more. Got the box in this morning and I must say I love the stuff! Thank you!

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    It's great to see you here too; thanks so much for following me!

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    Amazing art! Thanks for following me OVO

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    thanks a lot for following me!

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    I saw the medallion. That I like and could buy.

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      The Unicorn Medalion? I like those too, they are a nice accent to any journal or book :)