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Eskie Comic Concept Art


1 November 2016 at 17:10:15 MDT

My wonderful and kind patrons over at Patreon funded the revival of my comic about my childhood dog, Wolfy! Wolfy was an American Eskimo dog, a Christmas gift to me as a puppy when I was 6. My best friend had just died in a horrible accident, and my parents thought I could use a new best friend. Turned out to be one of the best decisions they ever made! He was so important to me, that I want to memorialize him in a series of short comics. All these comics of varying lengths will be true stories and snapshots from his life. Here is a bit of concept art, so i can decide on how I want him to be depicted, and what style I want the comic to be in!

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    This is so cute!
    I love the simplified shapes to his design..really compliments his silhouette.

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    He looks like a friendly pupper! Gosh I love the way you drew his tail, was it that fluffy in real life?

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    Cool ideas, I bet the comic is gonna be great +v+

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    I can't wait to learn more about Wolfy. :3 Sounds like an awesome dog!