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Roses for James by Eskiworks

Roses for James


30 May 2016 at 19:19:29 MDT

One of the biggest reasons I love characters like the Winter Soldier is that they can be analogues to real people who experiences losses, or do something considered bad, and come back from it in an unexpected and good way. He lost his arm, he lost his identity, he did so many terrible things that he wasn’t in control of. Real folks struggle with things that scar them, losses, and things they might have done wrong in the past, or perceived wrongs. Real people can learn from that and build something new and beautiful, while still acknowledging the things in their past they don’t like.

Something good can come from something that’s considered ugly.

Something new can come from something lost.

We’re all growing.

(Not all of us get a kickass robot arm out of it though)

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    The way you color humans is truly spectacular ;A; I mean your coloring in general is beautiful but as someone who mostly draws and colors humans you definitely inspire me ;w;/

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      Thank you! :D I LOVE painting humans when I can, it's super meditative and fun.

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    All of your Winter Soldier pieces are so touching and beautiful.

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    You really need to paint more human pieces. I can't get enough of the textures and colours you use! Truly inspiring fanwork you've been creating lately. <3

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      I have a human (ish) commission in the works right now! I don't get commissioned for it very often, so I try to do human art on my own time when I can. :3

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        Woohoo! Well perhaps I will have to save my pennies and try to get something of that from you someday, because I seriously can't get enough of this loveliness.

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    So there are the roses you said you were working on last stream - I especially like the shadows! For the turn life around part - you are totally right! Even if you were stuck in yourselfe for ten years it is still possible to start something new.

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      Yeah, we're all growing and changing... Change isn't always fun, and is often painful. I guess I see him as a metaphor for that!

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    Just a dang great job. Saturated colors are always a personal fave, too.

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    This is so beautiful, don't worry Buck! Steve still loves you (in a totally platonic way of course)!