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My name is Infierna, I am a graduate of Bowling Green State University - I have a BFA in Digital Art and a minor in Film!
I reside in Ohio with my husband and draw, read, and work. I love coffee, music, perfumes and feeling fancy ;3


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on 7 November 2017 at 16:35:50 MST

PAWCon 2017 was an amazing experience! If you're interested in the con:

My friend kanza arrived to katalist and I's new home in Anaheim, CA on Thursday and we took him to our aunt's coffee shop in Huntington Beach and then walked to the pier, a small flashy looking mall, and to a restaurant called BJ's that had some pretty good little pizzas and a lot of other nice food choices. We all went to bed early that night and Kanza and I left at about 5:30 am on Friday and arrived at the con hotel at 1:30 pm. We set up the Dealer Den from 2:30-3 and then found out the DD was opening at 4 pm instead of 3 because none of the Dealers were ready yet. So he and I went to Starbucks and got some lunch and then returned to the DD. Sales on Friday were small, but enjoyable.

The hotel itself is super nice, it has hot tub and pool, gift shop. A dinner/breakfast area and additional Starbucks. Then a steak restaurant and a bar and a sushi place as well. Definitely many places to eat! For Friday evening Kanza and I went to the steak place named Spencer's and it was amazing. Steak is always great, lmao. I believe after I sketched a few badges we crashed and went to sleep because we'd been awake at 4 am.

Saturday the DD didn't open until 12 so we got to sleep in and that was lovely. Dd that day was relatively busy! Closed around 6 pm and then I put on my fursuit and my Kylo Ren outfit. The lightsaber we found out, was dead! So didn't need that... we went to the GOH Cocktail Reception where we could see Keovi and Alkali, the guests. I had an Apple Martini and Alkali actually seated himself with us and a few other people, including Xander! Alkali told some great stories and then found out I am married. He then asked my husbands name, and number, and voice-texted him about how disappointed he was that Jake was married because I described his body in detail to Alkali and essentially that Alkali loved his body and THEN asked Jake if he like MLP. I was laughing so hard and probably blushing so hard! Then Alkali made Cranberry Vodkas for our table and after a bit I had one last drink, Sex on the Beach, before the event was closed up. Oh and Alkali kept calling me Artist of Honor and I had to tell him I am not the AOH. But then he had me raise my fursuit head and proclaimed me AOH anyways. So that was super flattering!

Then I went fursuiting for a bit and Kanza and I tried out the sushi place and it was great! Then we went to the Sat. dance and it could have been one of the best DJs I have heard yet. They did play remixes of actual songs from 2000-present so most of the crowd was hit with nostalgia and it was great! Superrrr fun and we danced nonstop for like an hour because I couldn't stop if the DJ kept playing amazing songs. Then we went back to our room and I colored 3 badges and sketched one.

Sunday had the best sales for me, it was greatly uplifting. Close up was easy and smooth, and then Kanza and I went to the sushi place again but it was CLOSED so we walked across the street to a casino and ordered sushi there. Much better I thought and we also got 2x as much for the same cost! I didn't know what to do with so much sushi lol but we did manage to eat all of it. We returned and went to the hotel gift shop for a bit and then I fursuited and we went to the Dead Dog dance and the music was pretty stellar again. Got to listen to a slightly too long Sunglasses at Night, but I love that song, so I loved every minute. We went back to the room and packed most of the stuff we brought and then went to sleep. Woke up at 3 am to hit the road at 5 am. Dropped Kanza off at the LAX at about 11:30 am, and I returned to Anaheim at 12:30.

If I remember more details about the con I will add them later, but man we had a lot of great memories last weekend!

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