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Wonder is Relative by Eskiworks

Wonder is Relative


After the Avatar movie came out, there was a lot of sad talk going around that our planet doesn't have nearly the wondrous beauty that the fictional planet Pandora has on the big screen. I think folks were having a hard time seeing the beauty around them, especially urban areas. Well Rooth had the idea to show that wonder is relative! A resident of Pandora (Rooth's character Cinnamon on the left) might think our towering glowing cities are exotic and beautiful, just as Rooth'Ragon (on the right) would see the Pandoran forest the same way. A really fun commission concept to work on, stretched my skills a bit and learned new things on the city side of the illustration, and was luxuriously fun and satisfying to paint on the forest side!

35 hours in PS6 with an Intuos 3 tablet

With this completed, I am currently OPEN for commissions to fill some space on my queue! Please see my journal for details.

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    I love the perspective, especially on the skyscraper. Wow. It really gives the piece a feeling of vastness & wonder to both sides.

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    Really like the idea of this one! Love it when people see the beauty of real life. Good work ^^

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    Cool take on the two perspective on the forest and city and really like the futuristic stile. And ye wish we could see more of the beauty around us and not just turn the blind eye to it.

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    I've got great news for these characters: they're both right

    And also this illustration is incredible, I really like the colors of the forested side and (as much as it bugs me irl) I like how you seemed to capture the look of light pollution further back on the city side, hahaha!

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    This looks marvelous :o

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    Thanks for hanging in there with this, Eski. :) It was a challenging concept, and I'm really glad we got to work through those thumbnails in person. It really helped with the translation from my crazy brain.

    I had this epiphany, this image in my head I could not shake, of Cinnamon and Rooth sort of walking down a city street, with Cinnamon all agaga over the lights and tall buildings and activity and all that. But then I thought, "That's how Rooth feels when he's at Pandora." What if I could put both ideas into one image? That would show the concept of "Wonder is Relative" in a way all these words fail at. But you succeeded at. :)

    If you ever get dismayed at how amazing some fantasy world is, or at how one possible future for humanity is, just look around you ... odds are good there's something around you that you find mundane but someone else would find wondrous and amazing. Try to see the wonder of your world through their eyes.

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      It was an amazingly fun painting to make! Creating something big like this, which plays both on strengths and on artistic weaknesses, REALLY putting the time in, is super rewarding. Your idea still resonates strongly with me, I really feel the same about seeing the wonder around you, even if it's mundane to you. So happy to got to make this for you!