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Curious Giant by Eskiworks

Curious Giant


Measuring in at 17' long and 9' at the shoulder with a 40' wingspan, we have the adorable, curious, playful and ENORMOUS Zakhin'Dakh the gryphon! Zakhin'Dakh has an affinity for maps, as he thinks they look just like looking down into the ground when flying really high. Probably a good thing he has excellent vision as a raptor, that map looks awfully tiny in his gargantuan talons.

Prints available here -
WIP shots here -

14 hours in PS6 with an Intuos 3 tablet

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    Surely you meant 17'x9', instead of 17"x9"? Which is not to say that a creature 17 inches long with a 40 foot wingspan wouldn't be impressive, but......

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      Oops, thanks for catching my typo! Fixed. =)

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        haha, I 'm kinda curious to see you draw the original version now...
        btw, he is a gorgeous gryphon! I love the talon stuck through the map, such a charming detail...

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    Wow. That is amazing! The feathers are great, the shading is even better and it's generally awesome. Nice!

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    Good vision indeed! For a character that big, any lettering or details on that map must be teeny-tiny. I hope his claws don't puncture very big holes in it, or it might be even harder to read 8'D

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    I absolutely LOVE this piece. So elegant, relaxed, the detail and just color and shading WOW