Hello! I am Chloe, I live in England! I am a part of lots of Art Community Sites.

I am a art student at the moment but I am going on to sudy Illustration in University! I feel that emotion is more key to a piece of work than proportions. So you won't find me being a critic. I have a big interest in Egyptian Mythology, but I love all Ancient Cultures really. Art is pretty much my life and hopefully going to be my fture career!

In terms of life story I do have one! But it's a bit complicated...Although what life story isn't complicated?

I have been fighting Chronic Lung Disease and Bronchiectasis all my life, both are long term lung diseases that affect my every day life. I was three months Premature which is the cause of my lung problems, I've stopped breathing 5 times. And my lung problems may very well shorten my life if I get a lung infection that's too bad for me to fight. And on top of all of that I also have reactve arthritis! ;) Can never have enough ailments right?

I am quite a shy person in real life, but I love to talk and chat if that makes any sense at all? :P I try to help people in anyway I can. Often my medical problems and rants get in the way of who I really am, the only thing I ask of you all is not to judge me by just what I rant about. I am much more than my lung and joint problems! ^_^ Thank you very much for visiting my page! Hope you enjoy what I produce! :D

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on 23 May 2013 at 14:01:42 MDT

This is my first Journal Entry here! :3 I don't really know what to write, so I'll write what's been happening to me lately :D

I've just handed in my final college project forever! I only go back in to set up the exhibition I am in and to receive my final grades! I study Art & Design by the way. I will be going to University in September to study Illustration! I am nervous about that but also really excited! I can't wait to see what the next 3 years brings! My art has improved dramatically since I was 12, and college has improved it even more! Let alone what university can teach me! ^.^ I hope to come more active on certain sites too! Including this one! I've met some lovely people on here! :D Well I think this is all I need to say for my first journal really! Enjoy my page! ^.^

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    Such beautiful work you produce!

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    Merry Christmas pet. Xxx Mags

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    I thought I drop a shout here. =)

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      Oh hey! You're on here too! :D Nice too see you again!

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        Yep. C= I joined here when the place was in beta, or something like that.

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          Oh nice! :D I'm on quite a few sites now! DeviantART, Furaffinity, SoFurry, SheezyArt and Weasyl :)

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            Sadly, I am not on SoFurry. Usually, I stick with sites that I know I can keep track off.

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              Ah I see fair enough :) Yeah I think I am personally on way to many sites :P I may be leaving a few.