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Trans, pro-self determination of identity, and gender variant friendly. Keep it simple: respect people's pronouns and personal terms. People who try too hard and list a bunch of rules often end up saying and doing transphobic things anyway.

Don't really do art much anymore or interact with the community much.

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Account to be for Owed Commissions Only

If we owe you work we still have you in a queue, there will be a public version of this queue that doesn't contain personal information at a later time. Part of our goal in selling things in the near future is to hopefully start paying back as many commissioners as we can manage.

Much like our FA this account is basically dead and will only be updated with owed commissions if/when we're capable of working again (hand is fucked for some reason, joints are bending wrong under pressure like when we were a kid again, haven't been able to get it looked at).

Eventually all but commissions will be removed from this account, but in the future there will be an archive of most of our art from before 2014, including many things that have never been scanned before and rescans of pictures from when screen resolution was a premium. Commissions will be separated out from personal work for contrast reasons. Not sure how we'll make it available yet, but it will be be free with included info on how to donate if you wish (not interested in making it very in-your-face). Thinking of just a torrent with a readme for convenience sake.

If you're interested in helping that archive happen we could use a sheet feed scanner, we got a lot of stuff that's never been scanned on loose leaf… but they're like 200USD.

We'll also be selling a lot of our old art, mostly starting with the sketchbooks. No idea how or what pricing will be like, but anything that doesn't sell after a time will be going in a scrap bin for whatever purposes.

We also will be selling some old fandom merch some people might be interested in. More updates to follow as we reorganize stuff and recollect information.

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    *pets this critter lots*

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    I hope you never remove your art, it would be sad to see your wonderful work vanish

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    Thanks for the fave and for following! :D

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    Greetings kind one -tips hat-, I thank you deeply for following my art account -bows-

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    thanks so much for the follow -- your art is wonderful! i really love your color usage + your pixels <3

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      Thank you! <3 UuU

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    wish you well, would love to get art again from you sometime X3

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    (am I doing this shouting thing correctly?)