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Salute and welcome to my page! >w<

Most of you know me by Nick, seems like no matter how many times I change my face or body that one stays the same. In the past you've seen me as several variants of feline. Nowadays I'm far more in touch with a canine side, and of course my true form as a blue dragon. Oh and sometimes I'm a girafarig now but that's a whole other can of worms.

Whatever coat of paint I'm wearing, it usually circles back to a weird dude with a penchant for weirder suits. That part never changes.

"Dusting off" my weasyl, as the cool kids say. This place might be the launching pad for some of my larger comics in time, but more often then not I'll just be unleashing whatever strange ideas appeal to me most at the time onto an unsuspecting public. Hope you see some things you like, get the creative juices flowing, and maybe the other kind too. >:3

Link to my discord:
(You must be 18+ to join, No minors!)

(Whenever my social medias go quiet this is probably the place to find me and keep up with WIPS.)

My older accounts: you can find my old accounts on most sites under the names noelthexmascat, noelthechristmascat, naughtycatnick and draconicusnick

Latest Journal

It's Over (That's a good thing)

(This journals a bit late. I had planned for it to go up around the first of the month, but I don't think it's too delayed that what I said's no longer relevant. 2024's off to a great start though, isn't it? No, optimistic journal Draco. You will stand firm this year...)

Throughout the end of last month to anyone wishing me a merry christmas, I would add to my reply every single time: "For what it's worth." For what it's worth to you in this monumentally shit year... I haven't been saying it for the new year. I've just been saying "happy new year." Because I 100% want the new year to be worth something to everyone who deserves it.

So, for what it's worth to you all, late merry christmas!

And a fairly optimistic and genuine happy new year.

I'm still around, for those wondering. I had a lot of stuff I wanted to go through last month and I was determined to just retreat until it was done. Did get a lot done, you'll probably see it soon but... there were also entire days and weeks of november and december where I couldn't pick up a pen. Play games. Talk to anyone. Do anything other then just sit and stare at the screen paralyzed from the neck down. No physical reason. I just... needed 2023 to be over. I just needed it to end before anyone else in a position of power did anything stupid.

New years night my time, I sat outside with the pets who are still with me, toasted to the sky as is a tradition, and watched that clock tick over on my phone. It's over. It could not end soon enough.

And now it's time to pick up the pieces and begin anew, pretty much. I'll figure that all out soon enough. I'll talk about resolutions, reservations, and plans. How much of the bad I even address or fix like my tattered DA account, we'll... We'll COME to that. We'll fucking come to that soon as I can work up the courage. >:(

But I refuse to let this year get away from me like what happened in 2023 in ANY way. I'm gonna keep trucking, and keep working until they kick me out or turn the lights out on me. And if, after everything, you DO still wanna stick with me on that ride?
Thank you. Thank you for everything.

  1. Let's knock them dead. Fucking literally if we have to.
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    Hi Nick, I used to enjoy watching your work on DA/FA from time to time when you were normally there under your old nickname.

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    Thanks for following. :3

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    Thanks for the account verification. I look forward to seeing your content here old and new alike, to be preserved in the long run.

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    Don't mind me, Nick :>

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    eyyy, sup ^^

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    Hi, thank you so veeeeeeeeeeeery much for the +follow here too ;3 :D:D !!!