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I got a what?

on 14 May 2019 at 21:45:20 MDT

[En]Sorry, it’ll be a bit longer journal than i’ve expected
At the beginning of April of 2016 (yeah, i love to go ahead on time xD), i’ve written a draft about what i was gonna say, but, that was written in a different context...Now some stuff are quite different and i’ve to adapt myself to it.

I’ve got my first job, which, is awesome, and, like the title suggest, i’m trying to know how this will work out in the short term.

I’ve started back then in April (oh, funny thing!) in a small company, and i’ve started from scratch, since i’ve no prior experience, which means a huge time eater, but, at work they understand my situation and well, they’re training me to be as good as both can learn from each other.

Talking about learning, i wanted this year (before i receive my call to work, since i’ve not expected this) to learn to draw since i feel that i’ve lost something more than training (as well to try to regain and keep a rhythm and grow in a different way) but, everything has been a bit quicker that i’ve expected, so, at least for this year, i won’t take that course.That means a pseudo hiatus from doing art, but, not from “creating” ideas (i’ve a small paper where i keep a list of ideas i want to draw/write), and, i wanted to say “pseudo” since i no longer “produce” art at the speed you might be expecting, but, that was one of my reason to take the draw course (to regain the ability to draw, and with some twerks).

And talking about art, we go directly here and talk about requests/art trade/commissions: It’ll be unusual to open a request slot, since now my time it’s more than limited (and valuable), so, like i said before, it won’t be the usual thing (maybe one or two slots by year) and then, in my “free time” (summer and winter vacation from college) i’m thinking to take commissions (again, one or two slots by stage until i’ve more time to spend on art). My TOS and “How i do work” documents will be updated to reflect all the changes

I know some artists that can do both work+art, and now i’ve to do a better time administration (yeah, my Achilles' heel xD) in order to: finish my studies (my main priority), grow personally and professionally, both for Software engineering as well as an artist…

I do expect that you have a nice week, and wish me luck!
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