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the reason for my absence and commission

on 28 October 2017 at 13:30:07 MDT

so to make a long story short, not to bore anyone with details(,and i hate ranting about shit) but i basically have moved, and been working my ass off to get out from under some of the bills that i have.
unfortunately it has left me with little energy for much other than taking my dog for a walk.
i have been arting in recent weeks however, but i dont have a scanner and the pics i can take of the things that i have done are crappy and i dont want to post crappy pics. so. i will find a way to get those up here.
i have also had a bit of an issue crop up, one that requires surgery, a surgery that will make me miss work for 6 weeks.
sucky as hell, as this will basically make me behind on every bill i have. by ALOT. and with winter coming... (ha ha like you've never heard THAT before) i will have a whole new bill that needs to be paid.

right this very second i am trying to find a way to get $400 so i can at least pay off one bill.
so i am throwing up open commissions ( i can totally use some new inspiration to draw as well)

but let me make it clear that i dont expect anything from you guys.
i havent posted in a year, though i have been lurking.

i am just trying everything i can think of to get myself out of this hole before my surgery.

if anyone is interested you can catch me on these ims or pm me here, or email me.

AIM: blackeyeddevil6
Skype: Aeternitas99
email: aze.rin_devil[at] (put weasylcom in the subject so i dont delete you as spam lol)

anything is appreciated

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