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Older cat in Portland, OR seeking single-pet home!

on 12 March 2017 at 17:38:19 MDT


Lovey needs a new home!
Hi there!

I’m writing this post for my friend who is having trouble giving the proper care to her kitty.
We are located in Portland, OR, and are therefore looking for someone to adopt her in this area.

Lovey is about 13 years old and suffers from anxiety and hyperthyroidism.
She was recently able to get medication for said afflictions, and showed signs of improving but still had issues…
Because of this, it became extremely clear that Lovey is not fit for a multi-animal home.

Lovey will need a home where she is the only cat and she will need a home where she can get at least her thyroid medication– because we suspect her anxiety will get better just by being in a home without any other cats.

Regardless of all of this, Lovey can be a very loving and sweet lap cat. When she’s feeling good she’s curious and lovable and honestly just needs a second chance.

She needs a nice permanent home with someone who is willing to work with her.

If you’re interested, please send me a message or call/text 503-536-5509 (Niku).

Reblogs always appreciated! Please help spread this so we can get Lovey into a home where she’s more comfortable!

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    woah, your comics are quite inspirational; your work is great! ;w;)//

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      oh gosh, thank you!! <3333 I really appreciate that//

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    I came across your page and just fell in love with "my masters a naga" -cries as I wanna read more-

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      Oh gosh, well thank you!! There are a full two chapters right now so hopefully that'll do until I can make more!!

      But, can I interest you in all the other comics I make as well? Like Solanaceae or Space School? throwing out flyers and shit
      Haha, but seriously! I put a lot of love into all of my comics so hopefully for now the ones I'm currently updating can hold you over until I work on MMiaN Ch.3~~ <333

      lots of love!

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        I will definitely read them!!! >w< Stay awesome!!!

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    Thanks for the watch ^w^. If I may ask, what inspired you to watch me?

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      Oh! I thought your models looked very well made and I liked the style of them. (Especially the finish)
      I've been trying to watch more 3D artists lately for when I eventually try out blender n stuff for myself again! (I need more time)