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My Patreon needs a boost!

on 12 February 2017 at 18:03:25 MST

Hey ya'll!! My Patreon needs a bit of a boost and it's got some tiers available too!

A $10 sketch tier is available and my $5+ blog is always updating!
If you've thought about pledging, now is the time!

And if you can't, I would love a reblog on this post:

Thanks so so much!

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    woah, your comics are quite inspirational; your work is great! ;w;)//

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      oh gosh, thank you!! <3333 I really appreciate that//

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    I came across your page and just fell in love with "my masters a naga" -cries as I wanna read more-

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      Oh gosh, well thank you!! There are a full two chapters right now so hopefully that'll do until I can make more!!

      But, can I interest you in all the other comics I make as well? Like Solanaceae or Space School? throwing out flyers and shit
      Haha, but seriously! I put a lot of love into all of my comics so hopefully for now the ones I'm currently updating can hold you over until I work on MMiaN Ch.3~~ <333

      lots of love!

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        I will definitely read them!!! >w< Stay awesome!!!

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    Thanks for the watch ^w^. If I may ask, what inspired you to watch me?

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      Oh! I thought your models looked very well made and I liked the style of them. (Especially the finish)
      I've been trying to watch more 3D artists lately for when I eventually try out blender n stuff for myself again! (I need more time)