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I want to get to 100!

on 3 February 2019 at 13:55:04 MST

I've made it my goal this month to get to 100 supporters on Patreon so I'm gonna go ahead and break down how great my page is for ya.

Pledging $1 gets you: early pages, early game updates, exclusive comic PDFs, OSTs for my games, and generally early updates about what's going on with my projects and life. It's a good tier and helps out a lot! Never underestimate the power of a dollar.

Pledging $5 gets you everything the $1 includes but also access to the ~SECRET BLOG~ which is the best archive of my work AND has a ton of exclusive stuff. There's over 1k+ images on there, it's wild! Most weeks I update the blog almost daily.

We only need about 7 more supporters to get to 100! We're so close, I can almost taste it!
So hey, if you've thought about pledging before but haven't-- why not just take the plunge? I've only gotten good feedback about my secret-blog and I'm improving my Patreon all the time. I think if you like my stuff, you'd really like being a part of my Patreon with me and everyone else. :3

(Also, it goes without saying that you must be 18+ to pledge to my page!)

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    Hee, I follow you like tumblr and DA, didn't know you were on here too, followed!

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    woah, your comics are quite inspirational; your work is great! ;w;)//

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      oh gosh, thank you!! <3333 I really appreciate that//

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    I came across your page and just fell in love with "my masters a naga" -cries as I wanna read more-

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      Oh gosh, well thank you!! There are a full two chapters right now so hopefully that'll do until I can make more!!

      But, can I interest you in all the other comics I make as well? Like Solanaceae or Space School? throwing out flyers and shit
      Haha, but seriously! I put a lot of love into all of my comics so hopefully for now the ones I'm currently updating can hold you over until I work on MMiaN Ch.3~~ <333

      lots of love!

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        I will definitely read them!!! >w< Stay awesome!!!