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Fire Mage + free PSD and AVI by Zummeng

Fire Mage + free PSD and AVI


Originally this was a sketch for Patreon I did back in 2017. But I always loved this picture, and I really wanted to finish it. So once I started working on it. But I was dumb enough not to save often, and yes, my PC died while making it... The picture was half finished at that time. I'm sure you can imagine how mad and sad I was.

But even after years, I just couldn't let this picture go. Not sure why, but the sketch was always dear to me. But after 3 years, I tried to finish it again. This time I could succeed. (And I didn't even forget to save often :D) And I added a lot of new ideas as well to the picture, so it turned out a lot different and a lot more detailed than the original was. So I'm pretty happy with this final version :)

And on top of that, I finally had some time to stream again in public, so I made this whole picture on stream. It was so much fun ^^ I hope I can do a lot more public streams in the future :)

Oh, by the way, I though it would be a cool little bonus to add the PSD file and the progress AVI video to the picture. You know, to celebrate the resurection of this lost project :D So I attached them to this picture on Patreon, and you can dowload them for free :)

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    it looks so good!

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    LOVE your anatomics and line works <3