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Solanaceae - Prologue Chapter 2.5 - Page 10 by DarkChibiShadow

Solanaceae - Prologue Chapter 2.5 - Page 10


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And with that, I think that's all of Solanaceae that I'll be posting here, at least for now.
I get almost no views and no engagement here, and as much as I like archiving my work, I have it on plenty of other sites right now and I really wanna find ways to cut back on how much posting on multiple sites eats into my time.

So hey! If you do like Solanaceae, and you have been reading, I'll list places you can continue to read the comic as it continues to update twice weekly.

Read on Tapas:
Read on Webtoons:
Read on Comicfury:
Read on Twitter:
Read on Tumblr:
Read on FA:

Pledge on Patreon to read early updates:

Thanks for understanding everyone! I hope I see you around on other sites!

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    oh hey, i had no idea you had an FA. it sucks that you're leaving this site but at least that's a one that i already use? eheh

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      I'm not leaving the site! Just not posting this comic here anymore because it's a lot of extra work for only like 50 views. I'm just really tired lately and need 1 tiny thing not to do T_T I've got SO many good alternatives tho!!!