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Looking for people to join us at Anthrocon 2016

on 27 April 2016 at 19:01:42 MDT

Good evening boys and girls! My buddy Rai'ke and I are planning on attending Anthrocon this year! However we have had the unfortunate misfortune of our other room mates dropping out. So now we are looking for some more roomies! If you don't mind bunking up with a crux who peddles painted toy guns and a Corgi. Then we will be happy to have you join us this year.
I have a room for June 29th-July 4th at the Courtyard Marriott across the street from the Westin. The room is for 2 Queen beds and is NOT under the con rate, this is a standard rate room. It is currently only myself and a friend, we are looking for 2 more to fill the other bed and that wish to stay the entire time. The room will be for general use and will not be a party room. We are both fursuiters, so other suiters are welcome. I have been going to AC for almost 10 years, so this is not the first time I have delt with room share
I expect to fill both the spots, but in the case of only 1 additional guest the rate per person is broken down. 
Room total: 1248.30 for 5 nights.
3 guests, per person: 416.10
4 guests, per person: 312.08
Standard rules apply, no smoking /vapping in the room, take showers (no stinky people ), respect each others stuff
Any damage you personally or a friend of yours causes to the room you will be held responsible for. I am selling modified nerf guns in the Artist's Ally. Any damage done to the merchandise will be taking food out of my rat's mouths and gas out of my tank.
Any gender is welcome, but we are both male
Please no drama
Room payment: Must be completed via paypal, a payment of at least 150$ to ensure you have the spot, the remaining amount based off the break down above is due 1 week before the con. Once initial payment is made I will not issue a refund unless either you or i have successfully found some one to replace you first.

You can contact me through the note system on FA: Crion_Ringtail. Weasly: Crion Ringtail Skype:crionclanger

Or Contact Rai'ki via telegram @Raikefox, fa raikefox, or post below if you have any questions. I will do my best to respond as quickly as I can.

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Spiffy Shooters have a gimmick. Maybe its a bigger magazine, maybe its a revolver that has two drums ready to unload bullets? Or it could even be an assorted selection of shotguns that will turn people into a gooey paste. It could even be one of the smaller motorized semi automatic weapons! Guns like the Nerf Barracade, FlipFury, Stryfe, Crossbow or Sledgefire fall into this category.


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