Suit’s Special Lawbringer, “Tough Customer” by Crion Ringtail

Suit’s Special Lawbringer, “Tough Customer”

Crion Ringtail

5 May 2016 at 21:50:54 MDT

Now, I may not be the wilyest gun runner in the wastes. I stumble into traps. I let bandits get the drop on me. Sometimes I even let my mutated curly eared attack mutant off of her leash. Forcing me to wander through dark and dangerous buildings at night. Heck, I even offer a few too many discounts. But I am not nieave enough to think all of my customers are gonna be happy go lucky, sunny smiley, reasonable people. Thats why I have this modified Lawbringer.

In the off chance my attack mutant is off crawling around some decrepit dungeon and some disgruntled merc with a chip on his shoulder starts waving my own product at my face. I whip out this peacemaker and I make the situation MUCH more peaceful. More often then not I get some pretty decent stock out of these high stress negotiations too!

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    That cheeky little skull...
    It's always jarring to see the orange tip on these customs, but at the same time... Someone might get the wrong idea, so I can see why it's a necessity...

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      I paint these with the mentality of playing with them in public. I have been trying to slim down the orange tips in my later designs. But most of my customers eather use these guns in nerf wars or LARPS. So the Orange tip needs to stay on. To follow the letter of the law and the rules and regulations that many games have. Some allow fully painted guns, when others do not. But more often then not American LARP systems are overbearing when it comes to safety. So by default I keep the orange tips on.

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        Yeah I figured as much. I wonder if there's a way to incorporate the orange tip into the design, though? By regulation, must it be a specific shade of orange, or can it be altered within a vague definition of orange? Food for thought.

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    This one is noiiice owo!

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    This one came out super goob~

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    Because everybody needs a big gun sometimes. And after all wouldn't you rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it?