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I'm an art student who loves designing characters and exploring new techniques :D

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Back? Maybe hopefully?

on 23 July 2015 at 00:24:35 MDT

It might be a while before I get the chance to post new artwork because I'm dealing with a broken and gutted desktop, but in any case, Weasyl will likely be my primary art posting platform gallery thingy thing.

I'll be blunt, dA has been more and more disappointing as time goes on. I have been taking longer breaks, mostly due to art school mayhem, but I find that I don't really miss the place. The recent discussion topic that outlined some of dA's stances on copyright and art theft was a huge blow that left me with a ton of secondhand embarrassment. Shortly after, I found out that over 50% of staff had been fired with 0 notice. These are people that have been working for dA for over 10 years, being told in passing (literally) "oh btw you don't work for the company anymore."

Simply put, that's not the kind of place I want to continue supporting.
A friend reminded me of Weasyl and I remembered how much fun I had here. So, I'll be trying it out again. :)


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Digital Painting

Detailed Background
$ 45.00
Minimal Background
$ 30.00

A standard US paper sized (8.5"x11" 300 dpi) digital painting of your character/subject matter with your choice of a detailed or simple background.


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    And thank you for following too! :D

    I hope you'll like my work. ^^;

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      Aw, no problem! And I do like your work very much! :D

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    You have such an amazing gallery :D

    +watch <3

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    Love your work!! Remember seeing it elsewhere...glad you joined up here, and thanks so much for the follow! <3

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      Ah thank you! I think I've spotted you on dA before, but very glad to have foud you here too. I love your work!

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    I think I remember you too, and the commission I did for you, if I have the right person in mind. I will have to find it and upload it ^_^ You have a gorgeous gallery! :)