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Cricks / 35 / Female / California

Commissions: Sometimes
Trades: Closed
Requests: Closed

Cricks's Shouts

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    And thank you for following too! :D

    I hope you'll like my work. ^^;

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      Aw, no problem! And I do like your work very much! :D

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    You have such an amazing gallery :D

    +watch <3

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    Love your work!! Remember seeing it elsewhere...glad you joined up here, and thanks so much for the follow! <3

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      Ah thank you! I think I've spotted you on dA before, but very glad to have foud you here too. I love your work!

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    I think I remember you too, and the commission I did for you, if I have the right person in mind. I will have to find it and upload it ^_^ You have a gorgeous gallery! :)