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Welcome to ... yet another portal of mine.

My artwork is mostly painting miniatures and on rare... and I mean rare occasions... doing actual drawings. I'm exploring Weasly right now to see how I like it as a user coming from Fur Affinity. We'll see how it goes.

For more creative/model work, please visit my blog!

Commissions: I am seriously considering model commissions. It'll be at least a month, if not a little longer before I get something set up so I can handle this. Realize they'll be costly. This isn't digital art, it's a solid medium. The models alone cost 20 to 100 dollars if not more. So take that, plus whatever I decide is a proper commission fee for that model that encompasses my time working on it. It's not cheap! This isn't something I can whip out in an hour's time.

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Weasyl, Making an Honest Attempt

Just to give those following me already a heads up, and an apology for the incoming spam of stuff you may have already seen from me, I'm giving this a solid go. Though to do that means I need to start posting some of the things I do up here and seeing how it works out for me personally.

I have been absolutely wanting to run commissions as well, and this might be a kick in the butt to get that going. So with that said I'm going to look into what it takes to do commissions and perhaps start gearing myself for it. Obviously, I'm talking about painted miniatures. What this means for me is that I'm going to need to figure out how to build a form for people to sign and work out a specific way of handling the whole "Hey Chio, can you take a commission from me? How does this work?" Especially since I'm dealing in real media, this means I'll need money upfront to purchase materials with before actually getting the paid for work money. I so far though, really like how Weasyl handles the commission side of things as far as letting people know what you're up to, what you can do, and what your price schemes are. It's amazing, actually.

I would like to wait until I actually get settled as well. I haven't posted a lot of new stuff of late, mostly because it's all packed away in a box in case I need to bail on "OH CANADA" here. =( Though any help on how to go about starting up in the commission business would be awesome.

I see Weasyl as a great professional tool and a way to get your name out there. As of the moment I don't really think it's fantastic for those who are artistic consumers, but it really blows everything else out of the water when it comes to setting yourself up and getting critiques! I'd like to use that to my advantage at least. =)

So ya! Bare with me please! Don't bail if you get spammed with models you've seen and don't care about seeing again. That will stop and I'll return to being quiet for some time.

Also, tags on journals? Really? Should I?

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    All of that 40k goodness. Mmmph!

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    Heya pal! *bearhug* Great to see ya here! Thanks for the follow! ;o)

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      Rawr rawr! You too! I totally need to hit a con you're at some time.

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        I may be at FE, and I'll definitely be at WTF! ;o)

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    I love me some 40K and your stuff is lovely! I shall follow such lovely minis!

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    Thanks for joining the fellowship of Xinny hehe

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    *Wing waves* Ohai dar! =)

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    wow that stuff is super cool