Fluff is One of the Basic Food Groups - by Flame and Cyril by Charem

Fluff is One of the Basic Food Groups - by Flame and Cyril


18 April 2017 at 23:01:26 MDT

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Well, it is for some creatures at least, like us Shadoxes! I mean, with how much bouncy fur and poofy curls we possess, we require as much tending-to as a poodle! Good fur-care shampoos, a fancy brush, and a good hair-dryer helps a whole bunch...but really, if you want to possess a bunch of lovely fluff, there's no better way than to take it from something just as fluffy as you!

And since 'take' means 'digest', you can bet this is a very viable and appealing option for a Shadox~

Cyril the panda is a very fluffy fellow, for instance. More 'modestly-fluffy' on most of his body...until you get to his tail anyways. It's one of the BIGGEST, LONGEST, and FLOOF-FLUFFIEST tails you'll ever see! This is easily proven here; it didn't take me long to down the wriggly pand, but it's gonna take quite a lot of chewing, slurping and swallowing to down all that tail~

There's no doubt I'll succeed, of course...and a good bit of churning and all that floofiness will go right to MY tail instead! Quite a better place for it, don't you think~?

This was a cute yummy drawing by
Flame! And the victim here,   cyrilpanda cyrilpanda, was very kind to color it~ Giving this pretty colors before churning away like a good snack...that is very generous of him, I do think!


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    nice full doggy ^~^ rubs