Make Eggs, Eat Eggs; It's the Gryphdox Way! - by Flame by Charem

Make Eggs, Eat Eggs; It's the Gryphdox Way! - by Flame


17 April 2017 at 17:12:16 MDT

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Check out the spiritual prequels to this image here...

Hey, everybody knows that bunnies are, like, the face of Easter...including their association with Easter eggs. But I think that can be a bit unfair! LOTS of creatures can lay eggs...even ones you wouldn't really expect, like dogs and cats and otters and all sorts of fellas! (Hey, all it takes is a little genetic manipulation or magic...or just, being a Pokemon~)

Going even further though, there's some creatures that make even MORE sense for egg-laying, and not JUST on Easter. Lizards, reptiles, birds... Oh yes, especially birds.~ :>

And yes, I do like to form shift; it's not that hard for a ghost-dog. My normal canid body is disposible and replacable; if I want to build my soul (the actual IMPORTANT part of me) inside of a different sort of body, all it takes is a little time and creativity. Not to mention...I also love eggs. So becoming a creature both known for generating those oval ovi treats and also being sizable and hefty enough to produce a good ton of large eggs...well, that just sounds delightful!

In my opinion, there are few birds more attractive than, lo and behold! It's an easier form to make than a straight burd too; being that gryphons are half-bird, half-something-else, all I had to do was craft my usual Shadox back-end and add a birdy front! Plus a few extra feathers here and there for good measure. (Hey, birds are very particular about their plumage!)

This hefty form also proves more structurally-sound than a normal bird's weak, lighter skeleton tends to have. Very useful given my habits of overeating and (at minimum) quadrupling my weight. Goodness, too! It's so EASY to overeat when your butt constantly pops out warm, shiny, delicious eggies on a regular basis. Self-generated food!...a lazy dog-bird has it easy. <3 Though I do take the time to fry up these delightful treats first; you CAN'T go wrong with fried eggs. <3

Hmm. Maybe this is a little cannibalistic? Well, they are unfertilized of course~ And all the protein just helps me generate MORE eggs, too. :> So, no real loss! Actually, there's a whole lotta I'm taking in more calories than I'm putting out! Huh, what do ya know? We ghost-creatures sure are strange~ And, as to if I have any shame eating things popping out of my own ass...I think we all know that I'm a rather shameless creature, regardless of the form I'm in. ;> Caw~

You wanna help me collect these eggies? All this belly's starting to put my butt a bit far from the ground...and gryphon egg-shells are only so durable from cracking! I'll go halfsies with you on all the yummy omelettes if you do. <3 (Disclaimer: I will stuff you down my big black beak too when breakfast is over, though!)

This was a real treat! And not just all the delicious eggs. <3 My pal Flame ( did this! As well as a couple prequels to this image a long time ago. (You can see them in the links at the top of this description.) That was when I was still a Charmeleon, but since I liked gryphons back then too, he helped me design a 'Gryphmeleon' hybrid form. I adored it, but I never did anything more with it aside from those two delightful(ly fat!) images.

Well, when I did my gallery-copying to Weasyl, I ran into those old images and got very nostalgic about that sexy birdy form. I realized I'd really like to do it again, except as a Gryphdox this time! I asked Flame about a spiritual sequel and if I could commission, and then he just quietly drew...this! For free! <:3 I love the color choices and design; I've always been a fan of 'tropical bird' plumage, with a lot of colors and such, and I think the vibrant two-tone feathers here strike a good balance of colorfulness, being neither dull nor 'oh god my eyes'~

And in the vein of those old pictures, I of COURSE had to be a birdy binging on eggs... <3 There's really nothing less fitting. (That is, they fit out of my butt, so clearly, they can fit right back into my mouth~)

Unlike when I had a Gryphmeleon form, I'm gonna make sure this Gryphdox form is not a one-hit-wonder. I really wanted to get more into avians and so, this birdy-body will return! Probably sooner rather than later, if you guys like it too. :> Tweet~