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Gulag'd From Twitter for Opposing a Hate Mob

on 24 January 2019 at 10:30:30 MST

What it says on the tin.

I have been permanently suspended from Twitter for responding negatively to someone asserting that we should mob up on people who "fail to prove [themselves] innocent". That is straight-up how every lynch mob in the history of ever has operated, and so I quoted their line and added "GTFO lynch mob boy". I also added a graphic showing WHY lynch mobs are inherently evil.

Twitter's explanation for its permaban is that this was "hateful conduct", in that it either:

1) Threatened someone (it did the opposite)

2) Promoted violence (it did the opposite)


3) Harassed someone (I had never contacted this person before).

The ban is on appeal, of course, since it's probably the result of that person's followers making masses of false reports and clearly was not curated. Meanwhile, I've shifted over to Gab, having satisfied myself that it is no more toxic of a site than Twitter itself. -:)

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    Thank you for the follow, and the bunch of favs :3

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      Well ya do good stuff and I remember ya from back when.

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    |=| thanks for the favs Bro, hope you like the rest of my gallery

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    Dood! Long time no see. I forgot you're off of FA now. I'm starting to work myself loose, too.

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    Half of me wants to say "Sorry" about what's currently going on with FA but the other half wants to say "congratulations" on successfully taking a stand. It's so nice there are other sites to keep posting art. It's a shame the old guard can't just focus on being a good site rather than being politically active. grumblesnort

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      Thanks to both halves! -:D