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Hi guys. Bobby Thornbody here. I'm a 12 1/2 year old porcupine. I love writing, and tend to use it as my preferred means of communication. I also tend to act rather shy around new people. I was born over on The Big Island in Hawaii, but have spent most of my life since then in Huntington, West Virginia. I live with my dad, Samuel Thornbody. My mother, Kara Thornbody, lives over in Atlanta Georgia... I'm more often than not seen around my buddy Dipper, as he and I do a lot together.

My buddy, Wally Wolven, also shares this page with me. He's a musically talented 13 year old wolf, who considers Dipper's uncle Birch a music mentor and good friend. He lives in Huntington as well. He goes to the same school Dipper and I go to, so we see him a lot, and he's almost always singing.

There's one more person I want to introduce as well, and that's the guy behind me. He usually uses my name when he's online, but his real name is Matt, and he's about 28 years old. He resides in Lansing, Michigan. Matt is actually the voice behind myself, my dad, Wally, and a couple others You'll get the chance to meet all of us by following the audio stories place on both mine and Dipper's accounts in the coming months.

Oh! And if you ever feel inclined to draw any of us, feel free to do so!



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Goodbye Weasyl, I am done

I have decided, after a week-long conversation with one of the admins, that I can no longer continue to keep my submissions here on this site. After having been told that many of my music submissions were in violation of their policies because of the fact they don't all give proper citation of where I got the backing track, and deciding it's much easier to just remove my submissions since I was told that if I didn't fix it they would be doing it anyway, I have now removed all submissions I have posted on this account and will not be posting here any further. I will be keeping this account to watch and fave people's submissions but I will not post here anymore.

Frankly, I could understand the issue if I had been told of this violation when the stuff was first submitted, but several of the submissions were years old, and there were more than 150 submissions that I would have had to add the citations to, and since they said it was MY responsibility to discover which ones were, I found it much less painful and problematic just to remove them all.

Frankly, if a site is going to hold someone in violation of their rules, they have the right to say 'hey, this is a violation' but to insist that a user go back through hundreds of submissions and fix them all is insane. A simple warning of hey, from now on can you make sure you cite where you got the tracks please' makes things much easier and more manageable.

Weasyl's admins had asked me to go through every retroactive submission I had and fix them all, which wouldd take days and days of work because I don't even remember where I got most of the backing tracks. At least with Fur Affinity, all I was asked was to make sure that my FUTURE submissions had the citations.

The upshot of this is that, yes, I am done submitting things to this site. As a singer, I don't feel the hassle I would have to go through makes it worth posting here anymore.

This account will be kept to watch and fave things as I said, but there will be no new content posted.

Weasyl, I am done.

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