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Pep's shirt-shredding stomach by GuineaPigDan

Pep's shirt-shredding stomach


Pepper the dog is so large, I switched from my usual 5.5"x8.5" tone paper sketchbook to my wider 9"x12" sketchbook to draw this! Pepper is in quite the dilemma. He's gotten so big, his shirts barely fit anymore. If he eats too much, his expanded stomach will stretch and rip his shirt apart. But if he tries to cut back, then his hungry stomach will rumble so much that it'll tear up his shirt anyway! Pepper already feels embarrassed if onlookers see that his stomach growling causes his bloated belly button to wobble and quiver around, but now he has to worry about his clothes self-destructing too! Maybe Pepper should get a shirt made out of the same material as his shorts, since thankfully those are somehow staying intact. I guess his stomach doesn't want Pepper to look TOO immodest.

Over on my Twitter you can see black & white and blue tinted variants of this drawing. I prefer posting these variant drawings on Twitter and Instagram rather than filling my scraps with all of them.