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Signal Boost for a friend

on 19 April 2017 at 23:46:45 MDT

Barrowed from Aldin. Please read below.

"A good friend of mine, fellow Mainah, and one of the 2016 Guests of Honor at Midwest Fur Fest,
Betsy Betsy the Beaver is in need of moving expenses for her husband's health and to enable them both to better pursue their career dreams.
If you can help, go on over to their Go Fund Me page, Slip'em an Andrew Jackson ($20 USD) or more, and Betsy will sketch you something.
If one in ten of those who went to last year's MFF gave $10 each, their goal would be met.
Alas, she isn't active here these days. If you want to see her latest works, you'll need to go over to her Twitter feed,
Can't afford to contribute, then at least, please spread the word. Thanks!"

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