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I’m a 27 year old artist, designer and photographer, and I’ve been working in the industry for many, many years now. My primary focus is on illustration, character design and so on, but I also enjoy many other mediums – painting, sewing, felting… Really anything I can get my hands into! I’m also a big fan of photography and I have been working to be much better at that.

I am open for commissions occasionally, and when available they are announced via journal.



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A Desperate Cry For Help

As those of you that are followers of mine on Facebook know, I suffer from stage 4 Endometriosis. This passed Monday I had an elective historectomy to attempt to alleviate the pain and suffering that I have endured for years.

To put a long story short, the surgery went badly. The endo was worse than expected so they had to back out and instead of doing the surgery laparoscopically as intended, they had to make a 11 inch incision from hip to hip.

Shortly into the surgery I began losing a fair amount of blood. I had to have a transfusion.

My uterus was calcified - completely hard, and somehow my bladder had moved forward and down, so the two organs were resting one-in-front of the other, with my bladder 'in front', sort of molded around my uterus. On top of all that (literally) was my bowel, and the whole diorama was completely held in place via adhesions - scar tissue from the endometriosis. NSFW/L picture of this arrangement from before they pulled out to do the manual incision:

My right ovary was 'normal' - as normal as it could have been, given circumstances.

They could not find my left ovary, period. They dug around so thoroughly they had to send someone to triple check that it hadn't already been removed in a previous surgery. Once they were certain it was there somewhere they searched all over and finally found a lump. They missed it the first several times because it looked like a mass of scar tissue, attached to my abdominal wall higher on my left side. They finally determined this mass was my ovary, and when removed and cut open my surgeon described it like a raisin surrounded by was of scar tissue - it was completely encased in adhesions.

Anyway, I was hospitalized for a few days post-surgery then released, but last night I had to come back because my fever shot up to 102F. They are expecting this stay to be at least a few more days because my fever and pain are currently nearly uncontrolable.

Right now, we've spent every dime we have trying to get me through all of these unseen complications, and Jason having to make sometimes-multiple trips home daily to take care of our pets has obliterated my small savings.

I'm not here asking - I'm begging. If you can spare a few bucks, it would be amazingly kind and generous of you. I don't know if I am going to be able to get a lot of work done imideately, but I will pledge that all donations over $10 get a sketch, $25 get greyscale shading and $45 get color, all work to be done digitally.

My PayPal is If you are donating enough to qualify for art, please note or email me the fef, or simply include the link or description of your charactet and ideas with your payment (my preferred method). Please, only one character per donation tier, however if friends want to combine their art I am happy to work with them

Even if you can't help right now, a signal boost would be amazingly kind of you. From the bottom of my heart: thank you.

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