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Latent Bloom by Balaa

Latent Bloom


Circa 2011

"'A wash of satin petals wake her into her dream, wearing her hope upon their fragile lifted sails as they guide her deeper into her waiting heart. What does she wonder at as she slumbers beneath the cascading blooms? Does she know how sublimely she does bloom? Or how bold her light lifts up the cloak of night to peer into the sanguine dawn beyond? May she then know that the blooms are merely harbingers of what she may be, that she may dare to wake to them; To see her resplendent dreams woven upon her in satin petals of a secret heart.'

This is a more loose piece than most for me. In truth, this is actually a quite old sketch. I was sifting through unfinished loose sketches, trying to clear out some clutter, and came across one I instantly recalled with a vivid flash. The original sketch was actually quite inspired by alectorfencer. Her work is a constant source of inspiration to me and a reminder to stay on course and stay true to my heart in my art. This is something she never seems to falter with, her vision is consistently bold and blazing with soul and life. Thank you! This is the way I see your heart, someone ever blooming and if I may hope for one thing is that you wake to see your own blooms.

I do not think it would be entirely fair to call this gift art as it came to be driven by selfish motivation as well, but as I painted it, it came to mean something more intimate to me and if I may, I would like to dedicate it to you Alector and to my beloved bagheera  bagheera whom, with each new day, in turn, teaches me to bloom and nurtures that bloom so it may never wither. Thank you both for your guiding inspiration in the driving parts of my life. "

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    Those flowers are absolutely flawless. o.o

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    Your work is so beautiful and delicate looking! Every time I see you upload something, I'm just blown away all over again.