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hi :V
Still trying to navigate this "life" thing.
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Cat Woes and Catch Up

This is partially cross-posted from my FurAffinity account but contains an overall catch up of what's been going on since I graduated.

Life has been crazy, I'm now working full time in the studio, finances are tight AF, but I'm working as the secretary of the studio I'm a part of, so that's kind of cool.

My health has been on the fritz on and off the past several months, as has my family's, and more recently my cat's. Said cat has been about $3000 in assorted medical expenses, and still isn't quite in the clear. All money from Ko-Fi currently goes to keeping my little fuzzball going.

I am also starting to Stream now, though I don't have a set schedule yet. I'm still teasing out what works best. It's a lot of gaming as filler, but I'm going to be aiming to do sketch streaming at least twice a week once I get caught up.

I am also going to be discontinuing my Etsy, once my listings either sell or expire. Their listing changes to bury anyone not able to offer free shipping just aren't tenable. I deeply appreciate anyone sharing my work for me. I WILL still be selling my resin work, but it will likely be through gallery space while I look for a better place to vend from. If you have experience with other services, I am all ears!

Commissions are presently open full stop, and I will be starting to post resin projects here as well. I'll do my best not to spam, and stuff for sale will be posted primarily in batches.

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$ 40.00
$ 20.00
$ 30.00
add  Patterned Backing
$ 1.00


Full Painting
$ 45.00
Quick Painting
$ 30.00
$ 5.00


Basic Character Work
from $ 15.00
to $ 60.00


Basic Character Work
from $ 5.00
to $ 20.00


Standard Flat Color Ref
$ 100.00


Basic Sketch
from $ 5.00
to $ 15.00
add  Add Flats
$ 5.00

✩ Sketches may be tinted at no additional cost.
✩ Note price ranges are a relative estimate. Complicated character designs, poses, or concepts may incur additional cost.
✩ I work in stages from sketch -> grisaille -> quick painting -> polished.
✩ The first additional character adds the original price of the commission. Additional characters / complex props incur an additional, lesser cost, typically +50% of the original cost. Backgrounds or complex props are priced as an additional character.

✩ What I may trade for ✩:
✩ Orangina - Large bottles for work equivalent of price + shipping.

Art Supplies - Anything I think I can use, I may be willing to trade for. This includes paint (acrylic, archival enamel, oil, watrercolor,) inks, brushes, pens, fabric, etc. Note trades are largely an option if we can meet up in person or if you live close by so that shipping is affordable for you!
Games - Not at this time, sorry. Student loan payments need to happen!

✩ Will Do ✩
✩ Most characters. Furries, humans, monsters. All good!
✩ Mech (at an added complexity cost.)
✩ Virtually anything PG (ask if unsure)

✩ Won't Do ✩
✩ Anything related to bodily waste.
✩ Anything harmful / noncon / targeting another individual.
✩ Some adult themes -- I reserve the right to reject any adult work concepts based on personal comfort, and adult work incurs a 30% complexity fee.

✩ All commissioners will have their email address (or other mode of contact,) address (if applicable,) amount due/paid, and details of their commission stored in a database for tax reporting purposes and quickly locating them again in case I need to contact them again.

✩ If you are 16 or younger, you must provide proof of parental consent before commissioning me. Please do not lie about your age. It won’t do you or me any favors!

✩ I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, and terminate a commission as needed if I am uncomfortable with the arrangement or otherwise unable to complete it. You will receive a full refund or partial for work incomplete as applicable.



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