Monster Mash 2014: Midnight at Freddy's! by Buckdasystem

Monster Mash 2014: Midnight at Freddy's!


30 October 2014 at 23:44:10 MDT

Monster Mash Collab for 2014
We're all taking a nice, rawry mash out here at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria after they are closed at midnight and everyone's gone home. Gonna party here til 6am!

Lots more participants than last year's mash.
Artists from left to right (excluding Freddy and Bonnie)
Brabble by Malison Malison
Popcorn by Noodle Noodle
Jellybean and Rad by Spiderdasquirrel Spiderdasquirrel
Celeathka by Ayeaka Ayeaka
Dark slime Russet, character by Rufellen Rufellen art by Aggrobadger Aggrobadger
Shale and Argon by Adalore Adalore
Zuri by Kolbatsun1226

Last year's collab:


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    Okay I am REALLY glad I did the thick outline lines for mine.

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    This came out really well
    I do love Rad's expression of terror!

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    This is awesome. Rad looks terrified.