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Hello, I'm Avery! I'm a first-year linguistics major at Uni in MA, USA who also really likes to draw and write. Most of what I do is centered around my own projects (worldbuilding is a major passion of mine) but occasionally one'll find some pokemon and the IP of my friends, too.

I don't really maintain any galleries currently (especially since a lot of finished things are for school specifically) so a vast majority of stuff here is old. However, I'm working on getting back in the swing of things. Basically this is me trying to be more "public" on the internet lol

Feel free to message me! While I am not the most active person online these days, I do enjoy meeting new people and hearing about others characters.


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Buying Commissions

Feeling kinda down and stressed and buying commissions is my form of retail therapy lol since I don't really like to buy much else so HERE GOES please comment with offers and links to your commission info if interested!

Subject: A character of mine, some are anthro-ish, some are "feral", and some are humanoids. Many anthros are wingless near-avians (think humans if humans evolved from birds and ended up looking like owls haha) so ability to draw such a species is a must if you're drawing them. I have neither feral dogs nor anthro ones.

I am also particularly interested in human art for some of my human characters and am willing to pay more for them but I am picky about the style (must be a style that differentiates facial features and can handle a somewhat diverse range of body types).

Type: Art I am most interested in are traditional drawings, particularly in pencil. (I'm interested in others too lol but that's all I'll probably be able to get in my price range).

Budget: Most likely price range is 15-40 USD depending on quality/time and subject matter with human art being in the higher range. Budget may increase but that's all I can promise at the moment.

Other: Please be the kind of person who sends sketches for my approval. It's really hard for me to commission people otherwise.

Payment: I can use paypal and can pay upfront.

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Full Color+Shaded "Roughish" Full Body [Flatrate]
$ 10.00

10 USD flatrate commissions available for characters with non-human faces only (I can do humans but they take longer so it's just not lucrative of me to do them for this price). I can do a variety of species but I especially love birds and anything with digitigrade feet c:
Latest example is here

Please provide: Reference or detailed description, any pose/personality ideas (if you have them, otherwise I'll "freestyle" it), & clothing options if relevant

Paypal only, please! Contact is



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    Thanks for the follow and the fav! Keep up the great work!

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    Thank you kindly for the follow! Your own work has a very nice style to it, I hope to see more of it :}

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      thanks so much for the comment! c: i'll have to post more